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Wheel horse Snow Plow Vs. Snow Thrower!

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Dec• 07•13

Here is a side-by-side comparison of my wheel horse tractors in a snow removal competition. The plow is on my 312, the thrower is on my 416. The winner is clear.
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  1. tscholent says:

    where is he going? (to do a couple of neighbors for FREE mom …)gotta luve it he he he….

  2. pheenix42 says:

    Good comparison…sometimes you can push the stuff, other times it has to be dug out and thrown!

    (wonders if Wheel Horse still exists…)

  3. phil28911 says:

    If you get the zombie head first, I bet it would work on them, although I have never tried. Because the ground is frozen in the winter, zombies are not generally available when the attachment is mounted.

  4. Brian86992DH says:

    Does it work on zombies too?

  5. NathansBackwoods says:

    Our john deere 265 has a single stage, in that much snow it would be just crawling…its only 17 hp single, with i think a around a 40 inch cut…needs a briggs v twin…aruond 25 hp.

  6. ngzcaz says:

    What kind of snowthrower is that ? Hp of your tractor ? Very impressive..

  7. myhannahdotcom says:

    amazing!!! I love your snow thrower!

  8. heartland96a says:

    While the thrower will handle the deep snow better , I am sure you would still use the blade to clean up after the thrower , With a slush or small snow fall the blade would be better .

  9. phil28911 says:

    Both machines have weights. The 312 has cast iron weights at about 45 lbs/tire- two plates per rim inner and outer . If you look closely you will see the black part as it is almost flush with the tire. The 416 has the cheaper sand filled type less lbs/tire. Also the 312 has two link chains the 416 has four link. Two link are better. Next time I get a decent storm, I will swap the blower and plow across machines and post the results. What ever machine has the blower will win.

  10. 76rosco says:

    the 312 needs some wheel weights.

  11. phil28911 says:

    That is a single stage blower.

  12. 123electricman says:

    2 stage thrower?

  13. conan6868 says:

    That blower really works nice. I have both but I prefer the plow. I dont like the wind blowing the snow back in my face. Wet snow is also hard to throw. A blower really moves the snow.

  14. phil28911 says:

    Yeah…I put the new seat on over the summer. Good catch. It is not standard on the 416. Very comfortable BTW the 416 has an opposed Onan. Just rebuilt the carb. it is a beast.

  15. mrwiggles2 says:

    416 is a beast! Thought it was a 520 when I first saw the seat.

  16. corryn00 says:

    blower will always beat a plow.

  17. steelfist65 says:

    That’s a great machine! Nice scenery, too!

  18. AStanton1966 says:

    Looks like you had a little snow there.

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