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Wheel Horse Snow Cab

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Dec• 19•11

Time for winter 2010/11. Putting on the snow cab for the season. This I bought on Craigslist for . It came with original instructions and all original hardware. It is for a C Series. Was mounted on a C-120. Its a pretty good fit. I’d be seriously frozen if I didn’t have it.

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  1. groutaone says:

    your tractor looks ready now, great to have a warm place to work

  2. disturbedrocka says:

    Hey, im looking for a snow cab for my 520 but i’m debating on buying it new or used. My local Wheel Horse dealer has a used one for $400, but i could but a new one from them for about $650. My question to you is, is it true that the newer snow cabs have more room then the older snow cabs?

  3. mrwiggles2 says:

    @TractorTV That is probably why I haven’t had banana or zucchini bread in a few years… dates back to when I stole her bread pan. :-)

    My little guy is normally playing hockey with his friends or video games… in a couple years it will be chicks. I’ll still be stealing baking accessories and working on tractors.

  4. mrwiggles2 says:

    @500passwords Thanks buddy. I open the side zipper where the chute control goes through and the fan blower pumps in the warm air. Gets a little warm in there sometimes.

  5. mrwiggles2 says:

    @ncrdisabled Its kinda a lot of work, but I like showing the projects I’m working on. Hope you keep watching, appreciate it.

  6. TractorTV says:

    Hey – my wife uses one of those pans to make banana bread with :) Glad you got your son out there with you. My 16 year old son is only interested in girls and friends now :(

    We had a small storm a few days ago, nothing big enough to use the blower though…

  7. 500passwords says:

    thats a nice looking piece
    of winter equipment :) .
    cool cab , great price to .
    thumbs up from 500

  8. ncrdisabled says:

    I wish I had a way to make videos I do not have any camera as I am disabled
    and on heavy meds. I hope to get a camera next summer to show me working on my tractor.

  9. mrwiggles2 says:

    @ncrdisabled Thanks a lot! Jacobsen are cool tractors, they are tough. Get some videos of it, love to see it.

  10. mrwiggles2 says:

    @YankeeIngenuity Thanks buddy! Can’t wait.

  11. mrwiggles2 says:

    @sickdeathshappen SDH- I’ve actually put a CO detector in the garage right near the unit and it has always read 0 ppm.  I’ve also put it right above the heat and still 0 ppm. I think these newer units are super efficient.

  12. mrwiggles2 says:

    @xreaperxchriz Yeah, that is why I kept it in the video! Should have kept the air guitar in there too.

  13. mrwiggles2 says:

    @camochannel1 Thanks Camo, we’re restoring a 520-H for him… his buddies probably couldn’t play, but I’ll gladly take his help. I didn’t have to ask for help which I thought was the best part of all!

  14. camochannel1 says:

    cool its great to see father and son doing these things together. good job guys

  15. xreaperxchriz says:

    dont sing…let that to the singers

  16. sickdeathshappen says:

    careful about carbon monoxide

  17. YankeeIngenuity says:

    You’re all set! Let it snow!

  18. ncrdisabled says:

    Nice tractor and blower and now a great cab cover . I have a Jacobson chief 1200
    1962 that I hope to get running next summer It need some carb work and a gas tank. It has a nice heavy duty dozer blade I got with the tractor . I had it running 5 years ago and it could pull a small house down . They sure dont make them like that anymore.

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