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V8 snowblower 2010

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - May• 17•11

v8 powered walk behind snow blower
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. creamyfilling102 says:

    sweet tracks and everything. 454? good god i think you could have gotton by with a small block lol

  2. rensjuuuh says:

    Redneck. Still kinda cool

  3. 4littleloons says:

    three core rad mounted to the rear of the engine, twin thermostatically controlled cooling fans blow warm air on the operators legs…Warm coolant also flows through the handle bars for extra operator comfort.

  4. BurtBartlow says:

    How is the engine cooled?

  5. MegaBesomeone says:

    I hate to ask but what did it cost you to put this together i mean it a bad to the bone machine but why didn’t you use a v6 engine i thought my 30 inch troybilt was bad ass how do you stand the noise from the exhaust thats gotta bust your ear drums this winter with the two feet of snow i could have used some thing this big nice work i gotta hand it to you

  6. 4littleloons says:

    It does have a cup holder! ( one on the top left side of the unit ) Good for holding those ‘Adult’ beverages during those extra cold winter days…Even a remote starter, for when you want to have it all warmed up and ready for action.

  7. cletus50 says:

    What ?? No cupholder ?! You guys are animals !!

  8. sirmasterpimp says:

    Wish I could borrow this, My little ariens 2 cycle snowblower can’t handle 6″ of snow…..spent all day shoveling out the driveway last week.

  9. crk1121 says:

    would love to see it tackle an 18-inch depth!!! how much for one??

  10. JoaoMario24 says:

    ”And now, the supercharged Snowman!”

  11. MrCaptainconcrete says:

    OMG!!!! I must have one

  12. cumminsturbofan101 says:

    come on, where’s the 671 blower man? 😉

  13. 4littleloons says:

    @EdVoigt1 It’s ‘blower bait’…

  14. bubbabouyi says:

    awsome ,when i was in high school my final shop exam,i put a kx 250 dirt bike motor on a ariens ,that was fun,worked great but very loud

  15. EdVoigt1 says:

    :47 Whose wimpy snowblower is that in front of your garage

  16. friesenit says:

    That is one kick ass snowblower ,sure there’s comments about all the stock one’s but to have a 454 v8,man envied by all

  17. charlesandjulien says:

    is that even legal

  18. vantagetes says:

    Be much more exciting if you had a action shot with more then 2 cm of snow on the ground =/

  19. TheKibdog says:

    put a heater core on it blowing warm are on you

  20. roundtopsk84eva says:

    that is very cool but this is when you know u have to much money.

  21. ordirecy says:

    Ok lui il a vraiment une plus grosse souffleuse que la mienne 😉

  22. darkseed1010 says:

    Well… not be a little bitch; but. My stock snow blower, blows snow on my neighbors neighbor. More widely known as, my house. I think that you will find that you are your neighbors, neighbor. Any way, that doesn’t detract from the fact that that snow blower id epic!

  23. 189spamer says:

    that is such a stupid idea i bet a 5 horse honda snowblower will beat that.

  24. jagas1963 says:

    Very cool !

  25. 4littleloons says:

    @7418154 The Rat turns a 292 Lunati with a Milodon noisy gear drive…maybe you can’t hear it on the video. Try listening to the very end of the video for a sample of idle quality.

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