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Toro CCR Powerlite Snow Blower Repair Quick Fix Video part #1

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - May• 11•14

Toro Snow Blower Repair Video Toro CCR Powerlite Snowblower Repair Quick Fix Video part #1 Toro CCR Powerlite Repair Quick Fix Video part #1 Carburetor clean out & governor set up on Toro CCR Powerlite SnowBlower Video episodes will continue till repair is complete.

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  1. 31pockets says:

    @amwampler any time I can help! thanks

  2. amwampler says:

    Thanks for posting this. You saved me money and a trip to the shop.

  3. 31pockets says:

    @yungillwill I’m glad it could help! Thanks

  4. yungillwill says:

    thank you. your video was helpful.

  5. 31pockets says:

    @mulliganmaisy Glad it worked out! thanks for the comment

  6. mulliganmaisy says:

    Thanks alot. I cleaned the carb especially the that brass nut with the holes and it works great. Even raised the rpm’s like you said. Great advice.

  7. 31pockets says:

    @treorp your welcome, I’m glad it helped!

  8. treorp says:

    Thanks for posting this! Saved me a lot of work today….

  9. 31pockets says:

    @mulliganmaisy If the main jet hole is clear on the bottom of the carb and it still will not work you mite need a new gas line hose sometimes they collapses in and block the fuel flow once the engine starts?

  10. mulliganmaisy says:

    Hey I have the same machine and my problem is that it starts right up , it will run fine but as soon as the augers hit snow it shuts down. Any ideas?

  11. 31pockets says:

    @scorpz100 I had a CCRpowerlite that had a bad gas line hose that became rotten on the inside and would collapses in on itself and block the fuel from going into the carb last season, a problem that I never seen before? I did replace the gas line and it ran fine after that! I hope this helps.

  12. scorpz100 says:

    I have and snow blower that is almost the same. The gas is not feeding from the tank in to the carb do you have any idea why? I took it apart very carefully and cleaned the screw at the end of the carb. and it still dos not feed gas through. I also put a little amount of mixture straight into the carb and it ran fine do you have any suggestions thank you for the help and the great vid

  13. 31pockets says:

    @migg2929, I’m glad it worked out for you! thanks for the comment.

  14. migg2929 says:

    Thanks 31pockets, I have a same, one and half year old snow blower and my sister used 4 cycle oil (lots of it) and it stopped working. I followed your video instructions to just clean up the oil from the inside and it worked. So thank you for this really helpful video.

  15. beerguy4754 says:

    Thyanks for the video, If possible could you do one for a toro CCR2000, paldes change, as well as the removeall of the auger drive pully and auger bearings.
    Thanks again

  16. DaleRobertSzyms says:

    Thank you so much for this video. Before watching this I had done everything you did except clean out that bottom bolt. I even had the carb off and was ready to just get a whole new carb but then I cleaned out that bolt with a sewing needle, sprayed it with carb cleaner, put it all back together, and it fired right up!!! Thanks again!!!

  17. jeffhudsonutube says:

    Hey buddy thanks so much for your talent and knowlege! I have a powerlite that all of a sudden started blowing the snow back out the front instead of the shoot sometimes. Then it slows way down cause the snow just piles up inside of it. Any ideas what this could be?? Been running it about 4 years now. Thanks for any advice or help!!

  18. 31pockets says:

    Another thing to watch for is dont use the primer once the engine is warm, if needed use the choke only to restart, this may help. You mite need a new spark plug and make sure the hole in the center of the fixed main jet is clear with no dirt or obstructions on the carburetor. I hope this helps 31pockets

  19. 31pockets says:

    But, the Tecumseh & Briggs service manuals recommends using premium fuel for that resound; the premium fuel detonates at a lower temp so your engine maybe over heating?
    If people run regular fuel in a 2 cycle engine long, theyll usually find they burn out prematurely.

  20. 31pockets says:

    Any time we take oil and mix it with gasoline you will cause the temperature to heat up in the combustion camber Wyle the engine is running, regular fuel in most cases has ethanol witch causes an even hotter temp with the two together to take place in the engine. Im not there and cant see whats going on with your powerlite?

  21. fixitfreddy100 says:

    Hey there,
    Thanks for your informational video. I followed you instructions step by step. Very Nice. The problem that I have is the Powerlite won’t restart after i run it for a few minutes. Any thoughts what might be causing this. BTW its a manual starter.

  22. 31pockets says:

    Hi, I get most of the engines off eBay on my channel, the extra is blown and will be used in a upcoming episode with a deep engine repair, I still have the powerlite that it goes on, so it’s not for sale.
    I recommend eBay and just keep searching till you find one. Thanks

  23. DIEGO262922 says:

    hi…do you have the engine for ccr powerlite snow blower please let me know and how much

  24. 31pockets says:

    Good Job!

  25. artisandp says:

    Your video, just saved me big bucks. The bolt orifices were dirty. cleaned bolt and bowl and that is all it needed.
    Runs better than it has in years.
    Excuse me while I remove several inches of snow from my Cincinnati driveway
    Many thanks,

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