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Toro 828 Snowblower

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Oct• 24•12

Here is the first run with our new Toro 828 Snowblower.

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  1. nldekker says:

    I have this same, crappy machine. In four years, I have had the following problems: broken ‘transmission’ (or whatever engages the wheels), broken clutch cable (the one that engages the blower) and a leaking primer pump (twice!). The dealer fixed some of these problems under warranty, others, he did not. I wouldn’t buy another Toro ver again. Next time, I’ll spend more and go for a Honda.

  2. Cletus32261 says:

    Nothin better than that monster unless you can bring something home from the airport great video you gotta be in wisconsin im in Wind Lake racine county

  3. bayou250s says:

    pretty!!! lol

  4. CedrikTheManiac00 says:

    there nice machine. great for residential use, but when it come to work them hard a bit there junk. i bought 2 went true them in 2 winter… am back at rebuilding 4-5 50 dollar blower in the summer for the winter.. when 1 broke trow it in garbage… those cost 2 much for theri quality

  5. tractorboy8420 says:

    oh, no i meant Wolfsheadoil, the guy on youtube, his son’s screen name is chopchop. not rining a bell? lol, funny that you thought the actual oil though lol, gues i needed to be more spacific then lol

  6. cedarrow says:

    It definately is the only way to clear the snow. This design is unbelievable. The joy-stick control of the discharge chute is the ticket for aiming the throw. Fabulous machine! Thanks for the comment.

  7. cedarrow says:

    Not sure about the wolfsheadoil, never used it. The chute is a very shinny and smooth plastic, so the snow never sticks. I use the clean-out stick to clear the augers and second stage chamber when I’m done. Other than that, it really blows the snow! Thanks for the comment.

  8. cedarrow says:

    Our snowblower died in Dec 2008. Sears was sold out nationwide so we just went to the local True Value and found the Toro. I had no idea it could blow that far. Absolutely the only way to clear the snow. Thanks for the comment.

  9. cedarrow says:

    YES! I love the ability to control the discharge chute with the joy stick. I did get a little carried away in moving it around so much, but wanted to show how you can aim it anywhere. Thanks for the comment.

  10. haunter51662 says:

    Awesome snowblower. I have the same machine. Toro’s new design blows away anything else on the market. Thanks for the great video.

  11. tractorboy8420 says:

    does wolfsheadoil work on yours? just a question.. its not licly but still somthing to wonder thanks 5/5!

  12. johndeere110kid says:

    very nice i got mine last year and i love it. i didn’t think it would throw the snow that far, but it really does.

  13. SnowBlowersDirect says:

    Nice video. Like the demonstration of Toro’s Quick Chute. Very nice feature.

  14. cedarrow says:

    You betcha! Gotta have one in Wisconsin.

  15. iAmRenegadeX says:

    Snow blowing a nice high arc like that is a beautiful thing!

  16. jaygordon123 says:

    That is one serious snowblower. I think you did get a touch carried away with the directional control. Right …Left…..Front…Side. Voom Voom you are out of control MIke Hill

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