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Tecumseh Snow King Carburetor Repair Video on Troy-Bilt Snow Blower part #7

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Sep• 30•12

Tecumseh Snow King Carburetor Repair Video on Troy-Bilt Snow Blower part #7 Troy-Bilt Snow Load Testing Video, This Video is the final episode on the outdoor snow load testing of a newly rebuild Tecumseh carburetor. This video series is information based on the older style Tecumseh 4 cycle snow king engine’s that have a conventional adjustable Hi Speed and Low Speed fuel mixture setting’s on the Carburetor and dose not apply to some new style or 2 cycle snow king engines, check your unite to see if video series will apply. Tecumseh 4hp HSSK40 Snow King Engine mounted on a Troy-Bilt 21 Snow Blower. Snow Load Test Video Tecumseh Carburetor Tuning Video Tecumseh Carburetor Adjustment Video Tecumseh Carburetor Rebuild Video Tecumseh Carburetor Setup Video Tecumseh Carburetor Calibration Video Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Engine Repair Video Tecumseh Carburetor Governor Control Adjustment & Setup
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  1. spleen98 says:

    This is really excellent. I can’t wait to go tear into mine. I found the rebuild kit online for a few bucks and I have the tools. Now if it would just warm up a bit around here. Maybe it’s time to heat the garage . . .

  2. 31pockets says:

    @Braindelux Thanks, a lot of times the block ac curse up inside the low speed idle passage way in the carb that does not allow the engine to start any longer and this cannot be seen after taking the bowl off and doing a simple carb clean out! A simple clean out only works between 1 to 1.5 years after that anything can happen with bad fuel?

  3. Braindelux says:

    Great stuff.
    Mine is not starting. I’ve picked the carburator down to pieces and cleaned it carefully. I found a lot of junk doing so. However it is still not starting so I’ll just go ahead and see if i need to adjust the floater setting just like you did.
    Anyway, I installed a gas filter on the hose from the tank just to make sure I don’t
    get any more particles in the carburator.

    Thanks for helping out.

  4. 31pockets says:

    @ultradan01 Hi and thanks, if your new with small engine work just take your time and it should work out and check some of the comments as they mite be helpful also. Thanks

  5. ultradan01 says:

    Hi, thanks for this serie of video. Now that I’ve spent lots of $ to refurbish a similar type of snowblower, I can now do it all by myself. thanks again!

  6. Supernaut70 says:

    Thank you for your series of videos. I could learn to fix a snow blower ariens with this carbburator.

  7. zoocar111 says:

    Hi, thanks for the video’s, cool stuff. My problem is after rebuilding the carb, my float was filled with gas so I got a new one but its a plastic float and it comes with a spring to hold the tension. Now its runs good but the carb is leaking and I dont know were its comming from. I will check the needle setting too point at choke and remove the float spring since my old one didnt have one. Also when priming, gas rushes out a small pin hole on top side. Thanks

  8. 31pockets says:

    @orkissHi, I’m not there and can’t see what’s going on with it but, I can tell you the most common problem with leaks after a rebuild is the little clip that holds the needle is usually pointing inward toward the engine and not pointing at the choke, this will cause a leak every time! I think donyboy73 mite have a video without using the float tool, but not sure? I always use one?

  9. orkiss says:

    @31pockets Hi, i rebuilt my tecumseh carb on my craftsman 5hp snowblower and got it back together. however, now it leaks when the snowblower is off. i think it is a float issue or a needle / seat issue. i don’t have a float adjustment there a way to set the float without that tool? i also can’t get the snowblower to idle – do you think that is a result of the float not being set right?


  10. 31pockets says:

    @31pockets Comment #6 (Very Important) Make sure the float level is set at factory setting! This operation can been seen in the Tecumseh Snow King Carburetor Repair Video on Troy-Bilt Snow Blower part #3.

  11. 31pockets says:

    @31pockets (Very Important) Be sure the small main jet passage way hole is clear on the nut that holds the bowl on the carb, seen in the Toro powerlite quick fix video series for pre fixed main jet Tecumseh Carburetors.

  12. 31pockets says:

    @31pockets With safety glasss on and be ready to kill the power to the spark plug if the engine starts to rev out of control. If engine dose over rev you will then know that the Governor control linkage must be set back the opposite direction and locked into place with the set screw near the lower part of linkage arm to the factory default setting!

  13. 31pockets says:

    @31pockets Learning when to say no? If this happens I usually replace the complete carburetor, donyboy73 has a very good example video called TECUMSEH HM 80 SNOWKING START UP with a similar scenario of this problem, and he dose what I would do in the same case. So I hope this helps 31pockets

  14. 31pockets says:

    @31pockets If gas sits in a carburetor a year or 2, most times it can be cleaned and reset without to much trouble; now after the 3rd year major problems start to happen ware the fuel will begin to petrify into an almost epoxy like cork up inside the low speed passage way most people are not aware of, this can resort in many deferent unusual engine problems.

  15. 31pockets says:

    @31pockets Your nest step will be to find out whats really causing the engine surging & pulsing with a pre fixed main jet carburetor and in most cases even though the carb has been cleaned inside the low speed passage way is still blocked and can not be seen deep in the carb.

  16. 31pockets says:

    @31pockets The bad thing is if you have set this adjustment the wrong direction without a Manuel the engine can speed up out of control then pop and sometimes people are injured by this action! If there are any attempts to adjust this setting without using Manuel book settings, one must keep their hand ready on the kill switch active after starting the engine,

  17. 31pockets says:

    @31pockets (In 99.9 % of most Tecumseh engine problems this linkage adjustment has nothing to do with surging & pulsing if was setup from the factory!) This linkage is set to lock in one direction or the other with the little set screw near the lower part of the linkage

  18. 31pockets says:

    @carniw Hello,
    I will start with stating again! I always warn everyone to never try to adjust the Governor linkage where it exits the block unless you have a total full understanding of the theories of operation of a governor control system with the engine service and repair instructions at hand!

  19. carniw says:

    PS. I did all of this before I watched your video.

  20. carniw says:

    Now there is no pulsing in the gov or surging. It’s over revving and the throttle and gov act as one. I’ve made no other adjustments to the governor setting. It runs better than before but the gov acted independently from the throttle. Meaning if I increase the throttle, the gov just opens more and over revs the motor. The gov doesn’t move when I in gauge the arguer as it did prior to me changing the arm position. Can you plz demonstrate how to adjust correctly. Thank you Bill C.

  21. carniw says:

    thanks for all the great advise. I have a Tecumseh 5hp with the same carb/governor setup as in your video. My carb has no high speed adjustment or air mixture screw. I put a rebuild kit in after cleaning the carb. Carb was surging before and after carb kit but ran fairly good under a load. Some popping but stopped surging only under load. Took the air mixture jet out but it’s not adjustable. Then I loosened the governor screw which you said not to do.

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