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RoBo Blower: A Remote Controlled Snowblower

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Aug• 05•14

Imagine sitting inside your house staying warm and cozy, sipping a hot drink as you clean your driveway with the greatest of ease. Your neighbors will be envious of you while they stand behind their snowblowers in sub-arctic temperatures, watching the RoBo Blower zip down your driveway with hybrid power. The RoBo Blower operates on both battery and gas power. The battery supplies power to the electronics and two powerful DC motors that are capable of moving in excess of 500 pounds. The Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine drives only the 30″ wide cutting blade, so it uses very little fuel. The Robo Blower is a one of a kind prototype, and is not available commercially.
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  1. dieseltwitch says:

    @MAGWolf Yeah but it looks like its making it more a snow plow then a snow blower…. esp in the wetter stuff

  2. MAGWolf says:

    @dieseltwitch Pry to keep peoples les from getting chopped up if something goes wrong.

  3. dieseltwitch says:

    What’s with the bars on the front?

  4. SharpAirsoft says:

    sounds like a sex toy

  5. mmodnao says:

    I would not use it. I have too much fun operating the snowblower.

  6. joek0617 says:

    @strassj use it as is for leaf collector, just fit the bag over the chute

  7. joek0617 says:

    hate the bars, love the concept

  8. tock101 says:

    I think it would be real appliable if you had a way of switching fronts from snow blower to lawn mower. This way it could be used both seasons. Even a leaf blower attachment for fall and then a lawn feeder. Talk about multi tasking.

  9. strassj says:

    @belaruz Yes, a skid plate would be easy to replace.. but one thing is I think you need put two more wheels on behide of engine. so front would lift up and turn easy. than drag on sidewalk.. so it would be reduce effort on your engine and motors. Just suggest.

  10. belaruz says:


    But when you turn with tracks you get wear on them instead, as both ends of each track will need to move in an angle to the track.

    A skid plate should be both cheaper and easier to replace than the tracks, shouldn’t it?

  11. TheMrpanda54 says:

    Whats the song?

  12. Jeff24669 says:

    That’s pretty cool. Now you just have to attach it to the computer from one of those roomba vacuums and it’ll clear the driveway all by itself!

  13. davidlee110 says:

    How much is that?

  14. strassj says:

    Sir, In my own option, I think two tracks on this would be better so those able to lift the snow blower front up and down while steer so it would be less wear on skid plate.

  15. LuminaRS says:

    That’s sweet, I want one.

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