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Oshkosh Snow Blower In Action 2

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Mar• 01•15

Oshkosh snow blower doing it’s job. With daylight this time!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. JOEP123ful says:


  2. joedrummer2010 says:

    Is that a Detroit 2-stroke I hear?????

  3. Doowop13 says:

    Just walked by this big rig today near Hannafords’ Shop and Save in H2OVille.Love the video.

  4. 24preacherboy says:

    Why do you never see black people driving these?

  5. vinyalonde says:


  6. Jeffro403 says:

    The speed is controlled by the operator. If he travels to fast, the blower will bog down and could clog or cause the blower motor to stall. It is the same problem with a walk behind snow blower if you run it to fast into the snow. There are 2 engines on this unit. One for the truck in the front behind the blower, and another one in the back for the snow blower attachment.
    Their primary use was for airport runways or mountain road snow removal.

  7. vinyalonde says:

    That is an incredible machine. Is there a reason why it travels that speed? Is the speed of the truck tied to the load on the blower – sort of like a feedback loop?

  8. 8v92tta says:

    that is cool. i was in the parking lot there a couple of times over the holidays and was thinking how much i could use that at my house!

  9. formonde says:

    I have a chance to buy one of these locally. It’s a 1960. Any idea on a decent price to offer for a working unit?

  10. ke1lb says:

    Small world. Len is a friend of mine and I had just taken the boy down to watch it in operation. That night, I searched OshKosh and came up with your vid. Len was happy to learn he’s “famous”.

  11. Jeffro403 says:

    Yes it is.

  12. ke1lb says:

    Is that JFK mall in Waterville?

  13. generationll says:

    These trucks are rare birds.

  14. IDIDieselJohn says:

    Those old Oshkosh never die!

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