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Old gilson snow blower Repair

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Sep• 27•13

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  1. joek0617 says:

    @ils360 never mind, i realize now that it’s an old single speed…

  2. ils360 says:

    @joek0617 how???

  3. ils360 says:

    @joek0617 i know that!!! i all was dry them out i tell people that all the time!!!

  4. joek0617 says:

    never store it with a full tank unless you put stabilizer in, you just had a list of NO’s.

  5. joek0617 says:

    @joek0617 actually, it’s a similar noise, but shouldn’t happen with the engine running

  6. joek0617 says:

    the noise is from the muffler

  7. joek0617 says:

    @ils360 chain vise or a blowtorch, big pliers and sum muscle for the 1st time
    after that, they come off easier

  8. joek0617 says:

    the handle looks odd for the age of the snow blower

  9. ils360 says:

    @king123304 thay are awesome blowers!!! to get the muffler off put a rag on the muffler and and then use a big pair off pliers or a big monkey rench

  10. king123304 says:

    i have the same snowblower and just had a float problem and got that fixed last weekend and had to go threw the whole carb. just wondering how you got the muffler off?

  11. ils360 says:

    @zwetnyberg that is good i like your i is big

  12. zwetnyberg says:

    Cool machine! mine is still working too

  13. 1972FordF150 says:

    Cool video man ! thumbs up !

  14. ils360 says:

    @th19940305 yes and no it now only work half of the time but at least it works some what

  15. th19940305 says:

    @ils360 like you said that the reverse didnt work on it so did you get it fixed>

  16. ils360 says:

    @stevensj13 dose it run good ??? and what year is it??

  17. ils360 says:

    @th19940305 reverse work??

  18. stevensj13 says:

    I have an old briggs like that with the updraft carb. pretty much identical with the exception that the shrouding was painted grey and the block was painted a brick color….

  19. th19940305 says:

    good fix n did reverse work

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