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MTD Snowblower Shift Lever Repair

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Sep• 14•14

HOW TO REPAIR the shift lever on MTD Snowblowers that keeps coming out of gear. Visit my channel for more repair videos;

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  1. Olddog231 says:

    another way to do it is as follows that is if you dont want to disconnect anything. I use a bungi strap and hook it to opposite handle and it keeps it in the slot. Its a hillbilly redneck way but it works!

  2. motorhead1 says:

    easy fix

  3. Trapper100 says:

    Looks good I will be working on my Yardworks this week end and make it right.Thanks for the help.

  4. donyboy73 says:

    @TRcustomengineering that is the next option

  5. donyboy73 says:

    @CARRICK6423 i keep it heated when i’m in there

  6. gst69man says:

    good vid thanks

  7. Mrtocoolforyou12 says:

    can u turn on the machine and demonstrate that the gears work?

  8. CARRICK6423 says:

    Good information. How is the temperature in your shop with your winter season?

  9. TRcustomengineering says:

    That looks like thin steel, I’d take another piece of steel and weld it over the weak spot.

  10. donyboy73 says:

    @cnaray when i get another blower in like that i’ll make a vid on the cables

  11. donyboy73 says:

    @caseman2294 it won’t affect the blower having it tipped when u r working on it

  12. caseman2294 says:

    Hi there Dony, I was curious if tipping the snowblower up on the front, did anything to the engine, like pushed the oil into the valves or something, but check out the snowblower I have, it is a 1965 wards. It is pretty cool.

  13. pivotboy63 says:

    very interesting, never wouldve thought to do it like this. good video man

  14. cnaray says:

    I have the same console, but my problem is not the gear shifter. I need to know how to adjust the shoot director. The arm on the console will pull the shoot more to the left than to the right and it is also very hard (stiff) to use. I noticed when looking under the console that there are 4 cables that go to the handle and I want to know how tight or loose those cables need to be and which one to adj for the shoot to turn more right than left. Also what to do to make the lever work easier.

  15. George says:

    My machine has 4 cables controlling the chute. I fixed mine from slipping, etc. by putting s very short sheet metal screw into the pivot while avoiding the pivot post. This is under the cap covering the cable ends at the chute end. Good luck.
    MY Problem: I cannot get the shift rod to select R1. It wants to stay in F1. R2 works normal. I’ve tried everything including replaced the rubber friction wheel.

  16. Anthony says:

    Hi I have a problem my MTD snowblower shift arm that attaches to the rubber friction disc keeps popping out of the rubber friction disc and as you know there’s a bit of work to get it back in. Do you have a suggestion what to do in this case? Please email me directly as im not on this site to see an answer.

  17. Anthony says:

    The rubber frction disc that makes it go forward and reverse it slides on a shaft and the shift lever go to it and has a sorta ball that goes in rubber friction disc

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