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Kubota BX2660 SnowBlower

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jul• 06•11

Kubota BX2600 snowblower
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. modoco98 says:

    Great VID!!! I also love my BX2660 and front-mounted BX2750 50″ snowthrower with 48″ box scraper off the back end…what a workhorse this tractor is! but..need to get me one of those Curtis cabs, looks great!

  2. paddyt111 says:

    I have the exact same rig. Incredible toy. I use it with a mower, wood chipper and loader with pallet forks in the summer time. Nothing but accolades for this Kubota.

  3. pierari says:

    @Mikes1000Toys , it’s the best toy that I ever got. I love this machine, I didn’t have any problem so far. I don’t have any other attachment.

  4. Mikes1000Toys says:

    Awesome video.,
    How do you like your kubota BX2660 Tractor so far ? How much did you pay for it. & w/what other attachments did you get with it.
    How Is the customer serivce ? Any mager warranty/service issues. Etc?

  5. dkilnoski says:

    is that cab easy to take off in the summer

  6. dkilnoski says:

    is it easy to take off in the summer time?

  7. pierari says:

    @dkilnoski—-Curtis Cab

  8. dkilnoski says:

    where did you get that cab ?

  9. worknsnow345 says:

    Great video! I just bought an older Kubota b7100 hst. Hope it’ll eat through the snow as easily as yours does.

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