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John Deere 3520 Cab

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Oct• 15•15

John Deere 3520 compact utility cab tractor with 59″ front mounted John Deere blower moves about 12-14 inches of snow that fell December 19th, 2008 in Upstate NY. Outside air temperature was in the single digits with a cab temperature inside the cab that was in the low 70’s.
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  1. rex6s says:

    I watch the video over and over. I love it and the tractor?

  2. FredericKarl says:

    You turn the key. It starts.

  3. RyanEssaf123 says:

    @hddude45 can u show start up and how to

  4. RyanEssaf123 says:

    can u show a startup and how to

  5. bigrignazi says:

    whats the song

  6. bstewart22611 says:

    Thanks for the reply. I have an alcohol/water mix in the rear tires for added weight, but figured that I needed the added ballest box. I’ll be getting it. Had a Deere guy come out two weeks ago to show me how to hook everything up and he told me to go to an auto parts store and get chains for the front tires, since they’d cost a lot less than rear chains. Might get both since we have a very significant hill. Delighted to see that the blower raises and lowers…great for drifts!

  7. kinghowie8 says:

    @StanWilhite thats a fact! lol

  8. hddude45 says:

    @kinghowie8 Did that for too many years, I know the feeling.

  9. hddude45 says:

    @bstewart22611 The ballast block is essential with the weight of the blower. The stock tires with the weight have pretty good traction but the chains would help when it gets icy. Problem is that they weigh quite a bit and there may be fitment issues with the front tires. The blower raises/lowers and the chute rotates hydraulically. Good luck, it is slower than plowing, but we get an average of 9 ft of snow a season. Some falls of 18-24″ can only be handled by the blower.

  10. hddude45 says:


    I try too.

  11. StanWilhite says:

    Nothing runs like a Deere, or smells like a JOHN!! :-)

  12. RyanEssaf123 says:

    say in the cab please

  13. bstewart22611 says:

    After years of fighting snow on our 4000 foot driveway, this video convinced me. I bought a 3520 about two months ago and they delivered the snowblower today. Bush hogging in air conditioning has been great. Now actually looking forward to winter! Looks like I’d better get a ballast box, though. Do you ever use chains? Also, reading the snowblower manual, it looks like the blower can be raised and lowered some…is that true? Thanks for the video! Deere owes you one!

  14. nordyk2 says:


  15. ShnitzlHaus says:

    I would enjoy going out in the cold with that!

  16. deerhunter217 says:

    whats the song called?? but a very nice video

  17. mossman381 says:

    This video is great. I have watched it so many times, dreaming of when I get my own tractor.

  18. hddude45 says:

    The front grill and sometimes quite a bit more of the tractor gets covered with blown snow thrown by the wind.With my old open station JD it use to be me! But to answer your question, the tractor never overheats even with the grill filled with snow. The radiator actually sits about 6 inches or so behind the front grill. The battery is in front of it, as a matter of fact.

  19. Bedelfive says:

    does the snow clog up your radiator intake resulting in overheating of the tractor. i noticed that your front grill that the radiator is behind is clogged with snow

  20. kinghowie8 says:

    man, u got it easy with a cab, im used to the snow being blownback into my face! nothin runs like a deere!

  21. CzapigaKielbasa says:

    Boy……… you sure have it good with that machine. Now, on December 19th you’re not playing Christmas Music inside if that thing?

  22. FizDog74 says:

    Great tractor, great editing! 5 stars.

  23. technic435 says:

    I wish i had one of those tractors

  24. stlouissux9119 says:

    Wow great vid. AMAZIING tractor.

  25. CndJim says:

    Beautiful tractor. Thanks for showing the cab at the end. Good video.

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