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HOW TO Replace The Friction Disc on Murray Noma Craftsman Snowblowers Part 1/2

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Sep• 24•14

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  1. diftoyota says:

    @donyboy73 i am sure the chain is no good, but the binding part i dont understand. i am trying to finish the rest of winter with it then rebuild it to new this summer. have you seen guys mod there impeller? i did it to mine and improve the distance by alot. the impeller blade have about a 1/2 inch to an inch away from the body, so i have instaled a soft rubber pads to make the blades longer, works like a charm

  2. donyboy73 says:

    @diftoyota sounds like the chain is wore out and stretched. just replace it, os for the disc i’m pretty sure those parts are available still. aftermarket would be cheaper, sorry i don’t have a vid for that specific blower, i do have one for a murray though

  3. diftoyota says:

    @donyboy73 everything seems to be tight, the chain is very loose too and comes off very easy.

  4. donyboy73 says:

    @diftoyota sometimes worn out bushings can make the chain fall off.

  5. diftoyota says:

    just love your video’s it helped me alot. i curently having problem with my friction disk on my 10hp noma grand prix blower,it is an older model. the friction wheel disk(the one with the rubber) wen i press the lever it make it go side ways and bind the whole thing up and also the chain will come off looking at your videos i know how it works but still i cant figure out my problem. cant find a video with the same set up as mine either.any suggestions?i dont see anything missing,

  6. CLIFFDOG76 says:

    I agree….. Best on the tube…. I watch him every free moment I have.. Thanks for the education man!

  7. xxtruckin93xx says:

    @seasonedtoker thanks check my vids out

  8. seasonedtoker says:

    @xxtruckin93xx they should be available at any hardware store, maybe even grocery stores. I believe those have polyurethane coating for better protection and grip. they are very popular in stockboy circles cause they’re ideal for handling cardboard boxes. otherwise they can take any light to medium job and are very comfortable

  9. TheHossHobart says:

    @mmataras…I watch all of his videos and have learned a lot from him. I also subsrcibed to him.  I love watching his videos.

  10. TheHossHobart says:

    @adrienj67 …That is quite a feat for a youngster of 13! No wonder he can fix anything!

  11. TheHossHobart says:

    @adrienj67 …That is quite a feat for a youngster of 13! No wonder he can fix anything!

  12. adrienj67 says:

    @TheHossHobart He was rebuilding small engines at 13 yrs old. We had an old pony snowmobile and he was the only one who could get it started (and keep it running). There was nothing he couldn’t fix,he was just a natural at it.

  13. donyboy73 says:

    @xxtruckin93xx i get mediums so they are tight, i’ll have to get the numbers off them so u get the same ones

  14. donyboy73 says:

    @GarrettJDB she’s ugly alright

  15. donyboy73 says:

    @GarrettJDB lol

  16. GarrettJDB says:

    That is one UGLY snowblower lol

  17. xxtruckin93xx says:

    @donyboy73 ok witch pair should i get

  18. donyboy73 says:

    @xxtruckin93xx from brafasco here in canada go to bestglove dot com

  19. xxtruckin93xx says:

    were you get them grey gloves

  20. donyboy73 says:

    @TRcustomengineering i do minor repairs on cars, not a pro when it comes to cars

  21. donyboy73 says:

    @TheHossHobart since I was a kid, i grew with junk, everything we had was junk, so the good thing about it is that i learned a trade

  22. TRcustomengineering says:

    Do you work on your own veicles?
    If so you should start making car vids man..

  23. donyboy73 says:

    @mmataras thanks dude

  24. donyboy73 says:

    @ncrdisabled i’ll doublecheck where the jet tools are made but they have a lifetime warranty. i find them better ergonomically

  25. seasonedtoker says:

    @ncrdisabled that’s probably graphite lube, sometimes sold as black moly lube. it’s a loose tolerance EP bearing grease with added particles

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