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HOW TO REMOVE Starter Gear From Your Tecumseh Snowblower Electric Starter

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jan• 03•12

HOW TO REMOVE Starter Gear From Your Tecumseh Snowblower Starter.
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  1. Vaulture40 says:

    Thank you very helpful

  2. BriggsMower says:

    auto transmission fluid could also work i use that on pull starts

  3. donyboy73 says:

    @rockalittle00 if u think it will come off then leave it off, it’s to protect the end from snow and moisture that can eventually jam up the gear

  4. rockalittle00 says:

    Hi donyboy, Thanks for this video. I have just finished replacing the starter gear. I find the black plastic cap doesn’t fit very snugle and can come off very easily from the new gear. Is it dangerous to leave it on like this or should i leave it off completely?

  5. mojobreakfast says:

    Thanks for this video. I have a 926PRO with a broken tooth on that gear. I am going to use your instructions to fix it. Very helpful.

  6. SpiritualHearts says:

    @donyboy73 zero degrees C today and it engaged this time. Thanks again.

  7. donyboy73 says:


  8. SpiritualHearts says:

    Hello, its been extremely cold in my part of Ontario, Can with minus 35 deg Celsius nights and minus 15 days. I tried my electric starter and the first time it engaged okay but after that the starter would spin but would not engage. Do you think the cold could be the issue? I was told to try and tap the starter with a wrench in case it was jammed up. What do you suggest I try first or should I just remove the starter and take a peek at its teeth etc?

  9. skaaltel says:

    Tried the electric starter on our 2nd hand 10hp tecumseh today. I don’t know where all the parts went but the bendix actually launched off the starter shaft and jammed in between the flywheel and the casing.
    After pull starting and nearly blowing a hole in the casing (that was exciting!!) I’ve come to this video to see what parts I was missing. LOL what fun!!

  10. comms211 says:

    I have a 10hp snowblower, with a tecumseh engine. I have not been having difficulty starting the snowblower until today. I thought it might have been the starter; however, when I looked at the starter, there was a wire hanging down, beside the starter. I have checked all over the place and I can’t figure out where this wire has come from. Any idea? Is that what my problem is and why it wont start? The engine turns over, but wont catch.

  11. donyboy73 says:

    that’s the funny looking starter right?
    first remove it from your blower.
    Next see if the starter gear will turn on it’s shaft. with the starter gear pointing to ur left see if you can turn the gear Counter Clockwise. lubricate the shaft with liquid wrench or WD-40. Work it until it moves freely and returns freely. you will also see a small spring on the shaft, this is to return it.
    the gears often get jammed and i think this is your problem.

  12. bsidenbend says:

    Dony question for you. I have a 4hp Tecumseh Endine I believe the D40 with a 993290D Starter. When I plug it in and hit the start button. I hear the electric motor turn, but it is not engaging the engine. Ideas??? What parts would I be looking at? I looked at a replacement starter kit and the best price I found online was around 125 bucks. HELP HELP!

  13. Smallgasengine1 says:

    thats a cool tool

  14. donyboy73 says:

    thanks dude

  15. 1972FordF150 says:

    5 stars !!!!!!!!

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