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HOW TO Make Your Tecumseh SNOWKING Engine Idle & Stop Surging

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Nov• 25•12

If all else fails try this simple procedure. This is for the Tecumseh Snowking snowblower engine with a fixed air mixture screw. Visit my channel for more repair videos;
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  1. donyboy73 says:

    @cschanzle thanks

  2. cschanzle says:

    BTW, great camera work – very nicely done! All my surging is gone too and most of the slight misfiring. Ready for the season!
    Suggestion: Instead of saying ‘do this if all else failed’ I would say if you have this type of symptom, this should be the FIRST thing to do! Very simple process.

  3. cschanzle says:

    My 11hp idle worsened the last few years to where it won’t idle below 50% (it would idle if you full-choked it-meaning lean) and surges & sputters (lightly) above that to nearly no surge at 100%. Float bowl/main jet were clean and clear; cleaning made no diff. I first flushed the idle jet with cleaner then reinstalled; ran much better. But what added that little bit more to nearly-new idle quality was to put the cleaner tube right down the idle jet screw hole and blast a bit. Runs GREAT! Thx!

  4. donyboy73 says:

    @ConkersBFDN64 some are made like that, totally non-adjustable and all u see is a hole where there used to be a screw

  5. ConkersBFDN64 says:

    I recently got a lawn mower with a Tecumseh engine that ran terrible at idle, and would only start with quickstart. Upon taking it apart, there was no dirt or gum in it, it was very clean. I also noticed that there was no air mixture screw at all. Most have an adjustable, or a preset needle, but this one had no needles at all. I haven’t put it back on yet because I’ve got to pick up a Carb kit for it tomorrow, but I hope it will run fine afterwords since I saw no air screw at all. Why is that?

  6. 1darron1 says:

    Thanks, have a go cart with this problem

  7. donyboy73 says:

    @ConkersBFDN64 the older carbs were adjustable, the newer ones aren’t so there is not much room to play

  8. ConkersBFDN64 says:

    Why does it seem like the later Tecumseh engines never idle really smooth? I had one on a Ariens snowblower from ’77, and it would idle perfectly.

  9. RixceU says:

    Just watched this again–I suspect this is the problem my Tecumseh snowblower engine has, where it runs fine at full throttle but surges anywhere below that and stalls below 1/2 throttle.
    I think I’ll try this soon, before the snow starts to hit in a bit more than a month. Just a bit more annoying on my Husqvarna model b/c there’s another plastic aesthetic cover over the top of the engine that I need to unbolt before removing the carburetor cover panel.
    Thanks for your tips!

  10. linohunter says:

    Thank you for posting this tip !

  11. supertrucker1960 says:

    I have the same motor on my snowblower and it’s surged for the last 2 winters. Good ideas in this video. I’ll try this in September when I get stuff ready for winter. Thanks

  12. donyboy73 says:

    @DICKERSON3870 LOL,hehe

  13. DICKERSON3870 says:

    The ‘Bob Vila’ of “This Old Tecumseh Engine”! Do I detect a hint of the film “Fargo” (1996)?

  14. donyboy73 says:

    @gst69man that or the idle mixture screw but fixed, non adjustable

  15. gst69man says:

    is that the idle pilot screw?

  16. motorhead1 says:

    I heard Ultra Sonic Jewelry Cleaners work good for cleaning carburetors, and the liquid solution isn’t toxic. I haven’t tried it yet, but I m very curious to see if it is any good. Harbor Freight has a small cheap one, but I think you can find a better quality one on ebay for a good price.

  17. motorhead1 says:

    If you completely disassemble the carburetor and clean it properly and replace any parts that need replacing, than you solve problems like this the first time.

  18. rogerbegin1970 says:

    i have used the low speed fixed jet from the 8 hp in a tecumseh power sport 6hp runs much better less surging and better starting. a bit richer

  19. Liamautomechanic says:

    good tip dony,

  20. richbd359 says:

    Another nice vid! For cleaning small holes like that you can also try ” tip cleaners” used for Oxy/Ace cutting torches Thanks

  21. custer123100 says:

    sweet video donyboy

  22. bearing01 says:

    cool vid.

  23. RixceU says:

    Mine has the same symptoms of surging at low throttle and not idling. I’ll try this and see.

  24. pivotboy63 says:

    how come almost all the snowblowers you work on have tecumseh engines? btw great video as always

  25. fergfergferg123 says:

    looks good in hd

  26. Tecumseh challenged says:

    Hello fellow surgers.
    I have a 1996 Craftsman 30″ rear engine rider with a Tecumseh 13HP OHV engine. I had let this mower sit for 4-5 years, and went to fire it up. NO GO. So I just did a quick clean out of the bad gas deposits, and the mower fired up and ran, however it surged a couple hundred RPM throughout the entire throttle range and idle. So I cleaned it out again. Just with a can of carb/throttle body cleaner, thought I did a good job, it looked clean to my eye, but that was NOT good enough for it. It still surged! I said the heck with it and used it for a year or so, surging up and down, up and down, all the time, no matter where the throttle was set at.
    Time to get serious! I decided to tackle the surge problem again. With no short cuts. Now I was going to tackle it like the multiple hundreds of Toyota carbs I have rebuilt over the last 30+ years as a master tech, and not like a back yard quickie I was giving it.

    Surging: throughout throttle range.
    Carb restriction.
    R+R (remove & replace) and D+A (disassemble & assemble) carburetor assembly.
    Pull out welch plugs and separate each & EVERY piece from each other.
    I used:
    – 1) Factory Tecumseh-Power kit # 632760B
    – 1) 1 gal. Carb dip can with strainer from parts store.
    – 1) spray can throttle body cleaner.
    – compressed air (air in a can for cleaning computers can be used to check passages for flow along with the pressurized cleaners, if you do not have a compressor.
    – misc) small wires
    – basic hand tools ( screw drivers, wrenches etc. I used the end of a short socket extension to reinstall the welch plugs and sealing the external side welch plug with touch up paint.)

    It is best to soak the carburetor pieces in a dip tank for 24 – 48 hours to dissolve and soften ALL of the deposits. Agitated (plunge up & down in tank fluid) every few hours to flush fluid throughout pieces in dip tank. Just think it took months to gum it up.
    Then I use compressed air and torch tip cleaners and or small gauge wires to clear out all passages in each affected piece. Re-cleaned with spray cleaner and thorough blow out everything again.
    It is critical to make sure the main fuel jet is cleared of all obstructions.
    NOTE: There is a very, very tiny orifice port in the fuel bowl retaining nut ( a hollowed out bolt with precise fuel ports that secures the bowl to the carb body ) between the 2 threaded areas, is a port called the “idle fuel transfer passage”, this is a SURGING problem throughout the entire throttle range, from idle to WOT if this is plugged or minutely restricted. It also has 1 or 2 main fuel ports, depending on model, at the head end that must be CLEAN along with the center passageway.

    It is important not to accept a “half done” clean out and expect things to run perfect. That is what I did and I stayed getting SURGED!
    After I did a proper clean and rebuild of the carb, the mower runs like it did when it was new.
    I ran the engine until warmed up to normal ops temp. and adjusted the idle mixture (only mix adjustment on my carb).
    I now have a nice smooth idle and smooth acceleration and WOT (wide open throttle) response. It is now PERRRfect!

  27. mark says:

    My Ariens snowblower has had the surge problem for 2 seasons now. I did this quick fix and it runs great now. Thanks for the tip!!

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