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Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Nov• 14•13

HOW TO ADJUST THE SPEED GOVERNOR on your SNOWBLOWER. This video is for the TECUMSEH ENGINE. ***Ideal RPMS for this engine at full throttle is 3500-3600***
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  1. donyboy73 says:

    i show in this video and a newer video how to increase speed,

  2. 70supercar says:

    My governor isn’t increasing the RPM’s on my 8 HP-26″ Tecumseh when I get into deep snow. When the governor is at it’s max RPM in deep snow, is the carb flap suppose to be closing? When I manually push the governor lever towards the back of the blower my flaps are closing. When I rebuild and tune Holley carbs, a carb for a car when the throttle is accelerating the flaps open.

  3. baytonemus says:

    Really appreciate your videos. I’ve watched this a couple of times and feel pretty confident that I understand what needs to be done to adjust the governor on my Tecumseh HS50. However, I’m having a really tough time finding the sweet spot for the governor arm position. I’m either revving too high when not under a load, or the governor is not making up enough RPMs to give it any power. Played with it for a couple of hours today, adjusting high speed screw along the way.

  4. Jon LaPanta says:

    Hello, great videos. I have a 9 hp tecumseh (hmsk-1576506c) on my simplicity snowblower. The linkage from the governor to the carb is bound up. When I push on the governor, nothing happens unless i help the help it along. My carb only has one hole to put the linkage, and has a bushing. It is as if the linkage is snap passed center. Any ideas?

  5. donyboy73 says:

    the carb probably needs to be rebuilt and cleaned

  6. Justin Jackson says:

    Donyboy!  You have made my day, all videos are exactly what I was looking for thank you thank you! I do have a quick question, my snowblower will sound just fine when idling, yet when start driving and snow blowing the engine revs high then low. Cycling back and forth until it stalls. ? Any idea what that could be? Fuel filter?

  7. donyboy73 says:


  8. Scot J says:

    I’ve seen quite a few small-engine videos by donyboy 73 and they are all well done and informative for someone like me who is still learning!

  9. Chris Pacheco says:

    Hello, i have a 1978 sears snow blower. Ran great when i put away. Fresh gas. Now i went to start it yesterday and its not running right at all. It seems like the bowl isn’t filling up with gas fast enough. It starts fine, runs ok, (not perfect), then dies. If i have it running with the lever almost completely closed, it will stay running. But if i rev it a little, it will die in 20sec. I adjusted the screws and gets me nowhere. I have watched all of your videos. Cleaned the needles to. Plz help

  10. Zischang says:

    I rebuilt the Tecumseh carb on my old John Deere 10hp snowblower. Starts well now but the governor keeps kicking in even when engine is warmed up. Pretty sure I put the governor rods in the same holes as previously. Not much power because governor keeps kicking in. Any ideas for me? Many thanks.

  11. donyboy73 says:

    watch all my “tecumseh carburetor” videos

  12. Varouj Papazian says:

    hi donyboy
    iam heaving big problem with my arien 8 hp
    it works 10 sec and stops . i cant start the motor is not giving me any chance to adjust . the carb idal trot pls can you tell me what to do

  13. donyboy73 says:

    thank you sir, make sure to subscribe

  14. mallen5154 says:

    Hello, I am new to you tube I like all of your videos so far keep up the good work

  15. donyboy73 says:

    yes get a full kit

  16. rescueme67 says:

    Thanks…will do…feeling confident after watching your videos…the unit is about 6 years old…do you suggest getting a rebuild kit for the o-rings etc. before I take it apart or would you think they may be ok for that age?

  17. donyboy73 says:

    clean the carb and watch my tecumseh carburetor videos

  18. rescueme67 says:

    if i had to make guess…seems like it burns off whatever fuel enters from priming then runs out of fuel.

  19. rescueme67 says:

    I just read alot of the scenarios here, just pulled my 30″ husqevarna w/ tecumsuh 10hp out of the shed….it started up immediately but then stalls…this repeated about 30 times until i got frustrated…sometimes running for a minute and sometimes for 5-10 seconds then stalls. I did pull fuel line from bottom of gas tank and fuel flows freely…any suggestions?

  20. donyboy73 says:

    you’re welcome

  21. physicsimulation says:

    Wow ! After unassembling the carb, I just reassemble my snowblower and it has an unstable rpm. I just set the governor screw (try & test) at the “right” place, no thing else change, and now it run so smooth and powerfull. Thanks a lot :).

  22. Stephen Boricic says:

    Another great video. I adjusted my full throttle rpms by just tightening the screw by the throttle lever.

  23. pricestorm says:

    Hi I am having a problem with my TORO 1028 Power shift snowblower.
    It only runs at high speed even if the lever is close to the idle position or the lever is in the middle. The snowblower works but I ‘d like to control the speed and not having it run at full speed when I’m picking up 2 inches of snow.

  24. powershop1903 says:

    Yes, but why even make a governor? What is the purpose? I worked at a shop when I was young and the boss had race bikes that were started with a rear wheel starter. We threw away the carb and governor and installed a honda XR100 carb! That thing ran like a dream!!!!!


    The main purpose of that screw to adjust the range of motion so that the governor can be effective at all carb throttle ranges and so the governor range does not restrict the carb throttle opening-closing. But, RPM adjustments seem best: high speed screw adjust, circular throttle spring check, moving link from governor to throttle control bracket to a new hole at bracket to change it’s leverage against the governor’s pushing force, check carb throttle spring and binding and stickiness of carb.

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