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Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Apr• 08•13

HOW TO ADJUST THE AUGER AND DRIVE CABLES ON YOUR SNOWBLOWER. Visit my channel for more repair videos.

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  1. jack9102 says:

    it is different depending on which machine you have. some have a turnbuckle instead of a nut beneath the spring. and some are fixed and require internal adjustments.

  2. uriandmaria says:

    i have a old craftsman eager1 snowblower. the auger wheel dont turn. it seems as in one of your videos, as its frozen, but its shouldnt, because it just stopped working while i was trying to use it. I bought it used in the summer, seemed to work but today, spend all day trying to figure out one problem after another, ended up using a shovel again:) what could it be, it wont turn, I cant even spin the belt disk for the auger, its acts as its jammed. but nothing stock there.

  3. peaching1 says:

    That would be great. Thanks

  4. donyboy73 says:

    thanks, I will be making more videos

  5. peaching1 says:

    Thanks a lot. You’re video really helped. You spoke very clearly and were not in a rush to finish the video. You explained it very well and showed how to remove the cable and adjust it and then put it back together. Very well done. Thanks!

  6. donyboy73 says:

    thank you, more videos to come

  7. polarisblue7 says:

    These how to videos are a big help! I just got my snow blower repaired but the cables needed adjusting. Your video was the only one on the internet I could find to help me out. Thanks a lot!!

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