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Honda HS80 snowblower

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Dec• 20•12

This snowblower is an Honda 8 horse two stage walk behind blower, and this thing is a beast. It never bogs down, even in the wettest snow. Our neighbor’s Ariens can’t even keep up. In this video its blowing snow up to 14 inches deep that had fallen all night. Even as I’m uploading this (4 hours after the video was taken) its still snowing, so the HS80 will probably get even more use tonight. We’re also due for another big storm tommorrow afternoon. Please comment maturely, and enjoy!

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  1. PyeColin says:

    How does one change the belts on this rig?

  2. vinceleto says:

    Nice Honda. Honda’s are the best. Ariens and Toro’s are great too followed by MTD’s which are at a great price. With that said check out my 18 year old re-powered MTD with a Honda clone engine. OHV engines seem to produce greater RPM’s giving you greater throwing disance

  3. MrWiz357 says:

    I’ll stick with my 2009 Ariens 30″ Deluxe. It is and always will be a beast! Now, don’t get me wrong, I know Honda snow throwers are good quality machines, especially the HS1132TAS, but at around $3400USD as opposed to $1300 for my Ariens, like I said I’ll take my Ariens any day! Especially snowy days!…lol!

  4. MikkoMuhis says:

    After getting one, neighboors will offer alot blowjobs at winter.

  5. deerslayer25 says:

    I have one of these and I believe it is a 1989. It is the nastiest badass machine ever. My neighbor has a 32″ deere and this thing destroys it. I have had snow coming over the top of it with the chute blowing right up through it and it just keeps going. If something stops it the belt doesn’t slip it just digs the tires down into my stone drive. Anyone who even dreams of comparing this to an ariens has never used a honda. My neighbor didn’t get it until his broke down and he borrowed mine

  6. cbr1100rr says:

    Nice vid. I love the Honda machines and know that they are very high quality. One of these days I’ll have one. I just got an Ariens and a Toro myself so once we get snow I’ll make a video and post them. I’d love to see some more Ariens videos and comments by the owners.

  7. Xerxef says:

    I have it’s like brother, the Honda HS-50 tracked version, built in the early 80s and it’s still running strong. I am planning on restoring it fully this spring when snow season is over. It still starts on the first or 2nd pull all the time, every time. And as for throwing the snow, it throws it pretty far, I have no complaints. I thought I was a little underpowered with my 5HP motor, but it seems to be plenty so far and has been able to tackle 2 winters in a row without a hitch.

  8. fishaholic2012 says:

    @schlusselmensch ok i thought i was the only one having that kinda problem but it does make sense that it would bog down because it is alot of snow to move especially for a 9 hp motor…you would need like 15 or 20 hp for it not to bog down…
    Yep you’re kinda right about the honda’s being underrated from the factory because their cart engines that are used on the snowblowers have more cubic inches than other brands which should give them more horsepower….i found out yesterday online

  9. phatsmitty says:



    Fluid drive trans are crap? That is hilarious. Are you serious?

    Keep in mind, Honda recommends that you place the trans control in neutral and squeeze the ‘engage’ lever for 30 seconds before you start. Hydraulic fluid takes a moment to warm up (thus slow, cold fluid won’t rob horsepower).

    Instantaneous selection of direction and´╗┐ infinitely variable speed both ways. I have one, don’t see how there is crap in actually using one. If and when I update, it will be a Honda hydro.

  10. schlusselmensch says:

    @fishaholic2012 I should hope it would bog down LOL. You’d need at least double the horsepower to get rid of a that much snow, even in first gear. Tecumsehs tend to be a little sucked out as well.
    Honda engines were underrated by the factory, or Tecumsehs and Briggs were overrated!

  11. schlusselmensch says:

    If you have an old HS80, keep the friction disc splined axle lubricated. If it wears out, you’ll have to throw the snowblower away. The part was obsoleted years ago. Too bad, because these were a very durable blower.

  12. fishaholic2012 says:

    why doesn’t yours bog down even when you go through deep heavy snow? i have a 27″ snow king thats like 15 or 16 years old with a 9hp tecumseh engine and it bogs down when you go through snow the full width and height of the intake. I use it all the time on full throttle and it still bogs down in first gear, i’ve even changed a pulley to make the augers and “fan” spin faster and tweaked the carburetter to make the engine spin faster….anyone have a clue?

  13. rocsvt1 says:

    honda snowblowers should come with heated cabs, i mean have you guys seen the prices on honda’s? just insane…..

  14. RailRoadWorker18 says:

    @george230 Please Dont take this the wrong way but hardley anything is made in the U.S.A. anymore alot of the stuf WAS made in the U.S.A. but assembled somewhere else or parts were IMPORTED from somewhere else THEN Assembled in the U.S.A. Please Again dont take it the wrong way im just saying what I think. Thanks

  15. RailRoadWorker18 says:

    Got to love the Old Ones!

  16. george230 says:

    that was two years ago ariens just came out with new snow blowers that will crush that honda go to thier web site and read on i just bought an ariens and it throws snow fifty feet. they have dual auger belt on theirs snowblowers . ariens are the best snowblowers on the planet and they are american made buy one and you will see the difference. hondas are great but i over priced.

  17. mikeydvd1 says:

    good job on the vid, even as old as ur honda is, it still performs . i just bought an ariens 28 inch prof i am hoping it will work as well as a honda. I chose the ariens over the honda because of the price difference.

  18. walkingfreak says:

    @ScottF250 haha you would rather sit and blow?

  19. cumminsturbofan101 says:

    @scrap1008 I said nothing about which one throws further, I buy for quality and which one will last the longest the Ariens has Sears by a longshot. I actually ended up getting a 2 stage Ariens for my mom vs a single stage it performs very well much better then her old mtd and my neighbors 2 stage mtd

  20. scrap1008 says:

    @cumminsturbofan101, a crafstman dual stage, costing less, would beat the tar out of the ariens single stage.

  21. scrap1008 says:

    I think your snowblower is a good one, but doubt there is anything magical about it, or that it’s that much better than others with similar augers, impellers, intakes and engines.. And yes, I’ve heard honda touted before and know how nice they are.. but still…

  22. MrJlamb10 says:

    Good job on the video. You actually run it properly. Amazing how many people don’t have a clue.

  23. playtimel says:

    Ad356. Mtd makes most all sears throwers-blowers-even their tractors……..

  24. bi79yt says:

    had one and sold it to buy newer model honda,big mistake the hs 80 is built like a tank the newer hondas with the fluid drive trans are crap.

  25. GarrettJDB says:

    i can sure hear it bog down your going to burn up a belt

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