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Honda 1132 Track Driven Snow Thrower

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jul• 03•15

This machine is such a joy to use and just watch how it THROWS snow!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. unclebob100 says:

    I’m seriously looking at buying the HS724ta for next fall. I’m done with my puny Toro electric thrower. It burned out the 2nd time i used it.

  2. maciver64 says:

    I’ve used Toro’s and seen the neighbours Craftsman and a Husqvarna; the HS55 my family bought back in ’87 in Quebec;it died just this year The tracks and the impeller are just part of the story; the way you can angle the whole unit up or down (taking the full bite or less than a full bite make it versatile. Even in hard packed snow/ice or if you wanted to clear the snow off a yard that had been sitting for a couple of months, the Honda laughs at it all at tosses the snow huge distances.

  3. 500hplee says:

    holy shit!!!

  4. workensmart says:

    Did you bring yours in to a Honda service center get the recall fixed? There is a problem with the fuel tank leaking on the newer models.

  5. joek0617 says:

    i want one now!

  6. phatsmitty says:


    Agreed …. I own the baby one (HS624) and my neighbors just stop, jawdrop, and stare when I blow snow. “How the hell can that little thing blow THAT much snow THAT FAR??”

  7. natbienvenue310 says:

    talk that to the guys that started the blog a few posts back- Im just responding

    As well if you read the highest rated comment on the site its a response to that as well so thats what the “hell” Im relating to

    Get with the program cheif and try to stay constructive.

  8. jack9102 says:

    @natbienvenue310 the hell does it relate to this video? goto a blog site if it matters that much

  9. jack9102 says:

    i really like these snow throwers, but, just about every honda snowblower i’ve seen sounds like an airplane!

  10. JNozum says:

    I am a royal snow lover myself here in Moundsville, WV. From what I see from this video, it meets my definition of “nice weather”! Moreover, your video certainly beats watching Jeopardy, or your “money” back!

    You may want to check out my Blizzard of 1993 video, which is located in my JNozum account.

    From John Nozum
    YouTube ID=JNozum

  11. mrt1998 says:

    Like I say all the time, if it doesn’t have Honda on it I’m not going to buy it! Nothing beats the quality of Honda Power equipment. I don’t care how much it cost, in the long run you save money.

  12. scrap1005 says:

    another point someone made is the snow isn’t wet and heavy, but light and fluffy, dry snow. I can blow snow up in the air like that with any snow blower. I’m not putting the 1132 down, but a better test would be if it were wet snow.

  13. scrap1005 says:

    I agree, it’s very nice. BUT, it’s also $3000. I could get a 45 inch craftsman for $1000 less that would clear that driveway faster. Or another way. It would require two people, but for that money I could get two snow throwers of another brand that would clear that driveway faster. Or buy a huge Ariens that could do about the same for less. However the 1132 is nice.

  14. scrap1005 says:

    limitup58’s comment was spammed down and it was true. USA did build better snow blowers and still make great ones. Who would spam that down? Is it that only Japanese people show up here? Ariens, a leading company, created some of the first snow throwers and is NOT a Japanese company but an American, Wisconsin one. In fact Arien’s is a majorly sought after brand. There are other reasons why things have changed. Lose the attitude people.

  15. cgw68 says:

    A mechanical blizzard!!!!!!!!!

  16. airplane154 says:

    Do a video of your HS 55

  17. natbienvenue310 says:

    We can build it better. Then over pay to build it (unions), pay state tax board because you are polluting, then pay the EPA to certify it. then pay UL to tell you it works, then pay off the feds because you need permission to build anything, Then buy insurance from when someone mows down a dog and blames it on the blower, then add some “carbon” offset surcharges, then pay workers comp. By the time you are done paying off everyone is it a wonder we are at a competitive disadvantage worldwide?

  18. Dqalex says:

    I own a Honda Track drive Snow Blower. I can tell you this Video is 100% TRUE It can send snow down the block if you want it too. Its the best Snow Blower I have ever owned,

  19. hondacl0n3 says:

    i have a snow blower, but it does not have a name on it. on the OHV plate it says JD. looks close to a Giovanni snow blower. but anyways the design of it is so nice and light. the performance of the engine is great. honda engine are the best…w/e is made in japan is the bomb!!

  20. FotoPeter says:

    Hi! I´m from the northern part of Sweden, and we get a lot of snow here. I have personal experience of Gilson, Canadiana, Toro Yanmar and Honda snowblowers. My uncle switched from an 11hp(Briggs&Stratton) Canadiana to an 8,5hp Yanmar. It´s in a division of it´s own! Greater throw, better handling, better performance in wet snow and better fuel-economy. I have had bigger Honda´s, but bought a HS50(track drive) just a couple of days ago. Great things come from the US! Best blowers? From Japan!

  21. C1TIZENNEWS says:

    awsome height on that dude!!!!

  22. driftx2 says:

    i know a guy with a ariens Model 1332DLE pro and a honda HS828.. which is the 8hp version of the honda. He says the 828 is better in heavy snow.

  23. limitup58 says:

    Toro is one of the most popular snowblowers sold. And it is made in Windom, Minn.

  24. poulcam says:

    USA made great snowblowers in the sixties, Gilson and Ariens. Now they do not!

  25. limitup58 says:

    All I can say to you brucedavidson is don’t eat yellow snow!

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