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Gio 11hp snowblower Gio1101Q

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jan• 28•16

This is my friend blowing snow with my 11hp snowblower.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MrCaptainconcrete says:

    I bought my machine Jan.28. 2008 and after a couple of adjustments from the factory mine works great I bought a new battery for it last March only because I like the key start , you don’t have to push and pull it threw the snow ( that video doesn’t do the machine justice) I found 2 dealers in my area . I would buy another in a heart beat

  2. MDizzel16 says:

    The engine sounds like shit when it runs, I’ll just stick to my reliable none flashy 1980 toro 421

  3. DrZEUS101010 says:

    I can also attest to the crap quality of this machine….and the support from GIO is non-existent…they stop answering your emails when you keep finding parts that break and problems with fuel leaks. Use your money to buy a real brand name machine….stay far away from this crap.

  4. tonyking1999 says:

    Bough one all I can say it is a cheap China snow blower.Fell apart the first time out.Save your money buy a Honda.
    Thanks Tony.

  5. pyrophilster says:

    A lesser model honda would smoke that thing.

  6. baggins441 says:

    Bought one of these last winter. Second time out this year one of the triggers that turns the machine broke. Gio Bikes stated that they no longer carry this model so no parts. Anyways, I checked a Troybuilt machine and ordered a trigger for that machine and works. The part # is Troybuilt 731-04913

  7. gthyfah says:

    Cheap Chinese crap. The operator was pushing and pulling that turd like it wasn’t self propelled. My neighour bought another Chinese brand and it broke the first time out. Google Gio problems and you’ll see you get what you pay for. Beware of bogus warranties and missleading claims from sales people. Look at the phoney external resevoirs on the shocks on Gio bikes. They make products that look like the competition but they don’t match the quality or reliability.

  8. steen123 says:

    Have anyone tryed that type of blower? Looks like some China made blower by the brand. How is the reliability on this?

  9. fox13z400 says:

    dam nice snow blower. It might be the first good machine uve advertised on ur account.

  10. tipaulracing says:

    This spring, I paid 995 CAD for my snowblower.

  11. hamrzlawnlake says:

    Im sold.

  12. spazmoso says:

    what did he pay?

  13. riotuesday says:

    It looks like it throws lots of snow, thats good. Can you get it to scrape down to the pavement? I would also like to see it move through the snow without the operator pushing so hard. I was looking at buying one of these.

  14. slymakk says:

    can you post more videos of this snowblower

  15. goratchet766 says:

    if you looked at the trac youcould see that it was spinning so it must have been deep snow

  16. Wdroster says:

    Never seen that brand before. Why is the guy having to push the snowblower so much, it is self-propelled.

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