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DIY – Ariens Snowblower Friction Disc Repair

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Sep• 23•15

In this video I show you Step by Step How to Replace the Friction Disc on your older Ariens Snowblower. Visit my channel for more repair videos;
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  1. donyboy73 says:

    @patsguy369 yes the disc is to turn the wheels, not the augers

  2. patsguy369 says:

    Hi donny, love your videos…what exactly is the friction disk for?….turning the wheels?..i’ve got an older Ariens that just does’nt blow as it once did..changed all the belts but that didn’t help…thanks for your reply

  3. donyboy73 says:

    @goBUHuskies thank you

  4. goBUHuskies says:

    One of the “better” well made videos on youtube. Good job and very informative!

  5. DonOscarMartinez says:

    I am so happy a found your videos.I have a 2005 926102-11528LE engine
    tecumseh, it has save my back here in Regina,SK. Not too sure about the spark plug #, also what maitenance do i do to the gearcase, It calls for L-2 gear lubricant,, is it GL 4 or GL5,? drain and fill or shoud i leave alone, i will be cheking the belts this summer, Thank you for this great videos videos….Oscar

  6. custer123100 says:

    @donyboy73 nice

  7. shaymaster1 says:

    should you drain the oil before tipping it up like that?

  8. donyboy73 says:

    @Nickster7ROR yes a carb problem, look up my tecumseh carburetor repair videos

  9. motorhead1 says:

    Those ratcheting closed end wrenches come in handy for jobs like this.

  10. Nickster7ROR says:

    Very helpful mechanical videos. My grandpa has an ariens auger propelled, two stage blower with a tecumseh engine. The engine does not run when the choke is completely off, or if it is not running full throttle. Is this a carb. problem?

  11. whitegreg56 says:

    Good to see it in action!!!! All the work these small engines are doing is amazing.

  12. donyboy73 says:

    @icomeforu2 turn the fuel valve off, make sure the tank isn’t too full because it will come out of the cap

  13. donyboy73 says:

    @custer123100 mid 70′

  14. custer123100 says:

    Ariens snowblowers are the best! What year is that one?

  15. icomeforu2 says:

    What steps do you take to prevent gas from leaking out of the carb when you tip the snowblower up on it’s end.

  16. weasel884 says:

    nothing better than a ariens snowblower!

  17. zigZag776 says:

    @craig1974 I allow. Such a true statement. The old machines were built to last and the new ones are just built cheaply.

  18. Liamautomechanic says:

    @donyboy73 aye, the weather, is not so bad , here,these times, about + 6 today, rain, a bit warmer,

  19. craig1974 says:

    May i add that its sad people overlook the longevity of these old machines compared to the brand new ones.

  20. craig1974 says:

    Thats an easy job compared to my 6hp Ariens. On mine you need to remove the whole drive assembly to change the disc.

  21. donyboy73 says:

    @Liamautomechanic filmed it a while ago. still cold here, 0 celcius today

  22. Liamautomechanic says:

    Good vid, there don,

  23. donyboy73 says:

    @danysniper22 hopefully this summer, i’ll be fixing that ct 90 in my garage

  24. danysniper22 says:

    Hey don, can we see more videos on small motorcycles/mopeds etc? including riding them, thanks

  25. donyboy73 says:

    @gdc241 go to my channel and look up tecumseh carburetor repair and in some of those vids i show a seat. the decompressor id to make it easier to start the saw. it shuts itself when it starts up

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