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ATV Homemade Snowblower

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Oct• 28•14

Took a 42″ two stage snow thrower attachment for a ford LGT garden tractor and cut-butchered-welded it up to fit the front of my ATV. So far did a test run in heavy wet snow It works, drives, pushes, better then I thought it would. Thing is built like a tank And way cheaper then them nice new shiny 00 – 00 ATV blowers. I’ll post more vids when its painted up and blowing 1-2 feet of snow. thnks4looking D~
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  1. snowsk81 says:

    please reply. im thinking about getting that atv. is it good?

  2. McNeel85 says:

    thats bad ass

  3. QsKquikscopers says:

    can you detach it?

  4. iphuckHondas says:

    omg best dead rising weapon ever!

  5. garrettf5566 says:

    dotn let a dog or any thing infront of it no stoping lol

  6. fd5848517 says:

    @drewme1010 i love craiglist every thing is cheap but you can fi and paint it and it looks like brand new

  7. mikenlapaz says:

    the builder had as much fun building the unit as he does running it! Sure glad if snowed so he could check out operation. Hope that exhaust tube rotates another 20 degress aft. Good work Yankee DIY and save spirit!!!

  8. Reverseflush says:

    Some day ATV’s will have a PTO

  9. V67423 says:

    Nice Job.

  10. CBTALK1 says:

    what a waste of steele….that one hunk of junk…

  11. odmcarp says:

    excellent job. you put your know-how to good use. don’t listen to all the knuckleheads posting negative comments. they are ALL jealous because they “don’t” know how to do what you do. one more thing that custom ATV snow blower needs is you wrapped in a canopy to keep you warm and dry so you can drink a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee. keep up the good work !!!!!

  12. simcox27 says:

    if im right thats an old jacobson/ford snowblower

  13. garrett6699 says:

    Its made to be powered from the stronger tractor motor.

  14. Orangebike666 says:

    Do you get enough weight on the ATV to push through? We made some thing similar but it was on the front of our bolens tractor and we had to keep adding weight.

  15. karolm909 says:

    co jak co ale spawańá to ty nie umiesz

  16. phaze500 says:


    you would get about 5′ outside your garage, and youd be done plowing during a storm up here, 4th gear my ass the snow is usually 3′ deep when we get storms

  17. zjbeast says:

    fuckin stupid

  18. TheCrownvicman says:

    nice blower

  19. LW12345671 says:

    drewmw1010, great job, am presently working on making one myself using a JD snow thrower and a Harbor Freight 13hp motor. One issue I have is the pulley runs in the opposite direction from how yours does. But I will succeed. Love a challenge and love building something with my own hands, don’t have a welder so having to bolt everything together, but I know it can be done. Would be interested in seeing some close up pictures if you have any available. Thx and Happy New Year.

  20. IDigem says:

    love to know what it wieghs, but hey , works good.

  21. ivbnbt says:

    Your engine pulley is to small. The tractors PTO pulley for the blower is 5-7/8″ diameter.
    With that your auger and impeller speed will be a lot faster and it will throw snow like it should. I’ve got the same blower on a 1980 LGT 165 and it will throw 30ft.

  22. mxboy58 says:

    dude that is awesome. Just busted out a home made snow plow for my argo and was looking for ideas for a snow blower. This vid got me the idea i need. good vid man.

  23. DamnStraightM35A2 says:

    any idea what year this blower is? I would assume late 60’s-early 70’s

  24. 400exrider92 says:

    My neightbor did the same thing but Ever since we got the snow blower for the back of our kubota he just pays us to do his driveway,

  25. themaster91156 says:

    lol it fits the tractor because thats what its for i have a friend with like 10 of these attachments and a couple of tractors

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