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2010 Ariens Compact 22 with Subaru Engine – Part 2

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jul• 16•11

Here is footage of my 2010 Ariens Compact 22 snowblower with the Subaru engine clearing snow. The Subaru engine started up on the first (easy) pull and ran flawlessly for 2 hrs straight. The snow is more than 20 inches and is wet enough to clump. The intake on the snowblower is 22 ” tall so you can appreciate the depth of the snow. I cleaned about 3000 square feet with the machine and it only struggled with the really deep wet mounds created by the street plow at the end of the driveway. This much snow is not normal for Northern NJ so I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this blower for snowfalls of up to 15″.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. TabletConnect says:

    How does it handle frozen snow? I live on a main road so the snowplow always pushes the snow onto my driveway which is really annoying. So that snow is hard and compact. Will this snowblower easily take care of that? I am in central NJ so the past 2 years have been brutal. Need to finally get a snowblower.

  2. 7t6e354r says:

    the wind was angry that day my friend.

  3. Nickster7ROR says:

    This would be the perfect snowblower for my house if my mom agreed to buy one (guess I’ll stick to shoveling)

  4. MrPaulVanRavenswaay says:

    get a clarence impeller kit, you’ll love me forever.  (google it)

  5. zela9999 says:

    I have a new Ariens compact 22 snowblower with the drain plug in the same side mounted position as yours. I just did my break-in oil change. I used a small plastic funnel, a Blitz 06064 12 Trans Funnel, with a foot long flexible hose attached. I fed the hose into a Blitz 3 gal plastic Dispos-oil tank. It caught all but a few drops of oil, that I used a shop rag to catch. For my application I had to use both a 14mm combination and a 10mm socket wrench. Great snowblower. Good video.

  6. l337pwnage says:

    sure is a windy day to blow snow, lol.
    I’ll be picking one of those up soon, but since the local Depot was out, :( I went to the dealer and they only have the Chinese Honda clone there, so I’ll see how that holds up. If it blows up, its a good excuse to upgrade. 😉

    I’m very impressed by this video, I expect it to perform much better than my rusty old ST504, although mine probably can’t outdo a Subaru. 😉

  7. AriensChannel says:

    Very nice! Added to our favorites.

  8. dllanzy says:

    thanks I will try that….

  9. zela9999 says:

    If you have problems with clumping and shute clogging spray your shute, impeller, and inside housing with Ariens non-stick spray. My Ariens compact 22 now handles wet snow without any sticking problems. It increases the efficiency and effectiveness. I sprayed my snow shovel too.

  10. Jeffreygpe says:

    @dllanzy I would recommend the snowblower for anywhere that the average snowstorm is less than 15 – 18 inches. As you can see it moved the 20-24″ of snow this week quite well. I am being conservative to allow for the wet snow in the spring. The engine is very easy to start – one easy pull or you can use the electric starter. I found that the best way to find stuff at Home Depot is to walk in to a store and ask them to check inventory in other stores and hold one for you.

  11. dllanzy says:

    I know…. they are sold out everywhere here in Pittsburgh and online…. It seemed to work great… What are your thoughts?

  12. dllanzy says:

    I know…. They are sold out here in Pittsburgh and on there website also… Is in worth it? it seemed to work great…. What are your thoughts?

  13. Jeffreygpe says:

    i got mine at Home Depot. The stores here in NJ carry this model and they also had it on their website – $699. You can also try eBay.

  14. dllanzy says:

    What did you think? Been looking around for this same one. cant find it anywhere…

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