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2 Stage vs Single Stage Snow Blowers

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Aug• 21•15

Did you know you can purchase a TWO-STAGE Sno-Tek snowblower for the same price as a SINGLE STAGE Toro Power Clear snowblower? Watch the comparison and decide which is right for you. (Video taken at a local park’s paved parking lot. Starts with typical end of driveway snow left by a plow.)

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  1. gutterswill says:

    I could beat that chick with the toro no problem….. if you’re not a moron you can get that single stage ripping. first thing is to recognize how it works and actually think about its advantages. It has a much lighter power to weight ratio. What you need to do is point the chute straight then angle it as you skim off the banks.. anyone that has done snow removal for work knows what i am talking about. Also you have to realize that in 5 inches or less it would be no contest. hs1132 for the end

  2. junit0174 says:

    Both snowblowers can move the light fluffy stuff out of the way. I live in Minnesota and I have used both:) When it snows enough for the snowplow to come by, having a 2 stage snowblower saves you so much time! It’s the compacted snow at the end of the driveway that matters most. Also, sometimes the snow on the sides of the driveway gets so tall that a single stage snowblower will not be able to throw it high enough.

  3. valdi9165 says:

    You get what you pay for sure its a ariens sno trek with a chinese cloned engine powermore or lct whatever it looks good to the book smart only consumer but then get shafted deep in the pockets later on with ethanol fuel problems good luck finding parts on the fly with that boat anchor. Buy 2 of them so you can have a backup while you wait for parts on the first. For me I would buy the Briggs.

  4. valdi9165 says:

    Forget about that toro power clear with the 2 cycle or 4 cycle its better than most agreed but the snapper SS922ex would have kept up with that bitch. Lets compare apples to apples for big 12+ constant snow fall a 2 stage is better but anything less a good 1 stage is all your gonna need

  5. ratoneJR says:

    @MrFtroop72 good call … scam to the fullest says it all

  6. ratoneJR says:

    @MrFtroop72 good call.. scam to the fullest says it all

  7. camelotwi says:

    I could make the toro look bad also. the opporator is using it incorrectly, he should be tipping the handle up slightly. Why don’t you compare your single stage Ariens to a toro two stage?

  8. AriensChannel says:


    Exactly. That’s really the point of the video. They are comparable units in price. We think that’s a pretty good reason to put them head to head.

  9. MrFtroop72 says:

    I have owned and collected snowblowers my whole life, and this is a bogus video, showing a self propelled machine vs a non self propelled machine. Everyone clearly knows that they make self propelled single stage blower, I like 2 stage, but don’t scam people by showing a video like this, anyone can see that it is to promote 2 stage blowers. scam to the fullest

  10. fenceposter says:

    They are comparable in price so that is pretty much all that counts in my opinion.

  11. fenceposter says:

    Well, you sold me. I’m currently using a 1981 model year Toro 2 cycle snow blower that I bought new when I first bought my house. It has performed like a champ, except for those rare snow storms that dump a foot or more of snow in a short time. I just spent 3 hours digging out my 120 foot driveway with 3 foot drifts and an average of two feet of snow. Wish I had that Ariens.

  12. gliderp says:

    Wait a minute, something just aint’ quite right. These are not comparable units. One is a self propelled two stage and the other is a push type single stage. This is meaningless.

  13. greatmowers says:

    Have you looked at any weather forecasts/news today? 1/2 the nation that has any population is getting a blizzard or substantial snow. (not Canada) Snow is currently 3-4′ high on the sides of the street and my driveway from previous events. But I’m going to be sleeping comfortable knowing there is a 2-stage Ariens in my garage when the plow comes thru at 3AM.
    A single stage works well on small snow, I prefer a tool that works for all snow falls. Think…Swiss Army knife vs. butter knife

  14. schmooly says:

    maybe in canada, or other places where 30″ of snow is the norm
    from experience my toro single stage WILL always run circles around my neighbors ariens since we mostly get below 12″ storms
    while he’s moving nice and slow, i’m already halfway done.
    guess it depends on where you live

  15. greatmowers says:

    ok, there’s always next year…borrow the neighbors…don’t hurt your back

    kennyplay…maybe you need a different brand of 2 stage…upgrade to an Ariens!

  16. greatmowers says:


  17. vindactive says:

    Too bad you can’t buy them because they’ve been out of production for months — now that people actually need them.

  18. kennyplay says:

    of course the 2-stage would be best in that much snow but 4-6 inches, my single stage kicks my 2-stage’s ass all over the place.,

  19. justaguy777 says:

    I got tired of pissin with those single stage deals (not to mention they were old hand me downs). 11/09 I went out and got myself a sno-tek 24, and haven’t looked back. Sure those new Single stages are easier to maneuver in light snow, but they worthless after the plow comes by (as mentioned). And the distance that it throws the snow gives ya a grin from ear to ear. I have to watch I don’t throw snow onto my neighbors house across the street haha.

  20. Toroer says:

    THe guy on the single stage machine is abusing the machine like a jack ass. Of course it won’t work if you keep pulling, pushing and hitting it. on the snow like that… Just let it eat through the snow it will work eventually.

  21. OHFORSTANG says:

    Jacobsen Sno-Burst FTW!

  22. usforeignpolicy says:

    i know a 2 stage is better but the guy in the single stage is barely trying.

  23. cbr1100rr says:

    I purchased two machines this year for the harsh winter in Newfoundland, Canada. Surprisingly enough we have not had any snow. It is now January 8th and I have not moved my Toro 826 two stage or my Ariens 926 two stage out of the shed except to look at it with wishful eyes. As soon as we get a good snowfall I hope to post a couple of videos of the two of them side by side blowing snow. I love this video because it really makes you think about what you could be getting for your money.

  24. kellyneuville says:

    Two stage all the way! The only drawback to a two stage is having to clear the driveways of your neighbors who only have a single stage… Especially when the plow comes through an hour after you get done snowblowing and leaves a heavy bank of snow. If it’s cold and the plows come through while you’re at work, get ready for a bank of snow at the bottom of your driveway that is as hard as a rock. Good luck clearing that with a single stage! I love my Ariens!

  25. iAmRenegadeX says:

    No question a 2S will go through deep snow better than a SS.
    If I was clearing a field, I’d use a 2S as well. Fortunately, I only need to clear my (paved) driveway!

    My Toro 221R single stage can outrun all of my neighbours 2-stage machines.

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