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toro ccr 2000e?

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Aug• 26•14

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  1. IncredableDrE says:

    Well mine dose that when the fuel is low and when I start or

  2. homiegmarkster says:

    it should never stall like that, they are supposed to run differently when a load is put on the engine and when it is just idling but thats a sign of a fuel problem probably

  3. Vistahaha1997 says:

    well it runs and it works so it wos free and im going to sell it xD

  4. IncredableDrE says:

    Also mine is the same model an Probably the same year

  5. zooyorksk8ter567 says:

    @atomicengineer ya same with me i acually got this same one for free from my neighbor hasnt been started in like 8 years i put gas in it and it started in like 5 pulls. mine was doing that and as u said the carb might be gumed up and mine was considered how long it was sitting but i cleaned it and it didnt do that anymore

  6. IncredableDrE says:

    My dose the exact same thing. Theres nothing wrong with it.

  7. atomicengineer says:

    it’s okay if it revs up and down like that because it is trying to adjust it’s throttle, mine does that and it is normal to do that. It could be shutting off for a number of reasons. Most likely reason is that the carb is dirty and gunk is clogging up the intake. Another thing could be there isn’t enough oil in the gas and it is overheating. Most likely carb just needs to be drained and gas intake cleaned out with a pin – should fix it.. I have the same exact snowblower and this works for it.

  8. patld97 says:

    you need to ajust the mixture screw on the carb

  9. mowrboy12 says:

    i’m guessing the carb needs to be rebuilded

  10. neverboardproduction says:

    heheheh I snowblowed today in spokane and my same snowblower did the same thing. Hit the primer a couple of times while its on it will make mini rev ups and idle normaly

  11. YoJoPIMP says:

    lol ya that r tek/duraforce engine does that alot lol ! my uncle has a ccr 2400e and i started it up 2 months ago and it made this same sound i think it normal not sure

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