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Kubota BX 2660

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jul• 28•14

This is a video of my new Kubota and i am doing a rundown of everything on it. Here is the website for even more information—

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  1. ryan000s says:


    thanks but a diesel engine puts out very little carbon dioxide… this is because a diesel engine uses 1 part gas to 90 parts air unlike a gas engine where its more along the lines of 40 parts fuel to 60 parts air. thats why diesels have high idle cause the engine actually cools down in the winter from no fuel burn

    my eyes would start watering beffore i pass out in my garage and it would take hours and full throttle to do anyhtin like that.

    but thanks for the consern anyway

  2. imaniguana says:

    Ryan, Thanks for posting this. After looking at lots of tractors, trying them out, comparing them, and doing my research, I’m going to be a getting a BX2660. Just a note of caution though . . . Make sure you have one of those garage doors open when running an internal combustion engine. The exhaust can quickly overpower someone and then it’s too late. Be safe. . . and thanks again for the vid!

  3. molybednum90 says:

    The word is “Probably” with two “B’s” not probly.

  4. ryan000s says:

    @BSUCards2012 ya no problem thanks for everything!!

  5. BSUCards2012 says:

    @ryan000s i was just trying to be of some assistance…also, from the kubota website: “The radiator on the BX series is positioned in the middle of the tractor rather than the front. So, air is taken in from the operator area and pushed in towards the front of the hood. This helps reduce overheating, keeps grass from getting in the radiator grill and keeps the operator cooler.” It’s both really. Thanks for the mower deck info. didn’t know you could control it with the hydraulics.

  6. ryan000s says:


    just to let you know i am very very very mechanicaly inclined and have lived on a farm my whole life its just that i dont rehearse for my video i just kind of wing it.. and this was when i started talking in my videos which i have never done beffore….

    i was probably choking up a bit.. also the rad is also there because its away from all the heat because the exhaust is in front.

  7. BSUCards2012 says:

    6) you mentioned the fuel, but there was some background noise…it does take low or ultra low sulfur diesel
    7) it’s a 12 volt plug, not a cigarette lighter plug…just to clear up any confusion, it does not light cigarettes
    8) they positioned the radiator and fan there so the driver wouldn’t have hot air blowing on him. it’s not aesthetics
    9) brush guard, not grill
    10) did you call that a generator? it’s an alternator. not quite the same thing.

    overall, good video. nice overview of the tractor

  8. BSUCards2012 says:

    just some help with some terms that you didn’t quite get right…
    1) they are either industrial, or R4 tires…also, the “extreme tires” are known as either bar or ag tires.
    2) you don’t open and close the bucket, you tilt it
    3) the “whatever in the back” is called a 3 point hitch
    4) it’s a hydrostatic transmission with two gear ranges
    5) the hour meter shows hours and tenths of an hour, so in the video your tractor has 5.1 hours or roughly 5 hours and 6 minutes…(continued in next post)

  9. redbird301a says:

    I just got mine on may 21st,,luv it,,fine machine,,and $5000 cheaper then a comparable john deere or new holland

  10. ryan000s says:

    ya that should do it 8-10 seconds. there is not a time specifically but its a good time

    its the second position, the 3rd is the ignition or starter

  11. iamcool587 says:

    so u turn the key to the 3rd position for ten sec?

  12. ryan000s says:

    ya a diesel engine does not use a spark plug. they use compression so strong that is ignites but the engine has to be a little bit warm so when you stat it the fuel that is not being burned gets pushed out causing the black smoke. Do you know how to use the glow plugs if not turn the key just before the on position when you see a yellow light that means there working. do it for about 10 seconds every time you start it and you will be good. and yes these diesel engines will smoke to some extent.

  13. iamcool587 says:

    i got my BX1860 today!!!!! it is da best. but does it need to burst out smoke every time i start it?

  14. iamcool587 says:

    the more i watch this vid the more i go crazy cuz ive been waiting for my dad to pick it up for about a week now. it will be in my garage when i come from skool. cant wait

  15. PO1401 says:

    After a lot of research, I decided to buy one and the BX2660 is the same size as the BX220, but does have more power and is smoother running. The FEL is MUCH easier to attach/detach. The PTO works much easier also, seat is vastly improved, 3 pt hitch works better. I also have a John Deere 2305 and I prefer the Kubota. This is a really good tractor, mower, FEL combination.

  16. ryan000s says:

    um ya well i dont know the difference but i am guessing its just that it has a bigger engine. but the 2660 engine will do the job for pretty much everything you throw at it, as will the rest of the tractor

  17. ryan000s says:

    ya i think so but go to your local kubota dealer for more information

  18. iamcool587 says:

    can u put a backhoe on it because were gonna get a BX1860 and its basicly the same but slower.

  19. iamcool587 says:

    finally…someone who does a review on kubota.

  20. FTDUTCH says:

    that bucket could have fallen on your head… what a shame that it didnt

  21. AgentHog says:

    I see a class I 3-point hitch. :s

  22. UTubeGlennAR says:

    Thanks for making the vid……..

  23. wofobo says:

    we bought ours in 07′ with the front loader for around $12,000-13,000 ive forgot the price but it wasnt that bad. you could probley find a used tractor like this cheaper at a certified kubota dealer.

  24. jeepfreak1977 says:

    A Kubota BX 2660 is 25.5 horsepower not 29 and the transmission is hydrostatic drive not static. The radiator is in the back of the engine compartment to keep it cleaner when mowing and to pull the heat away from the operator. Read the flier from Kubota. It tells you all that information. If you are going to give an informative video you should at least know the correct specification and what all the knobs and levers really do.

  25. ryan000s says:

    My dad bought it but i am sure around 20,000 with all the implements i am not sure i could be way out of the ball park

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