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Ariens ST 824 Snowblower Review

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - May• 16•11

Not bad for 400 bucks…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. MrPaulVanRavenswaay says:

    @BandOnTheRun87 no problems, in fact our local mower shop says they are the better carbs. of course, as you may know, you have to clean out the fuel for storage, otherwise reap the benefits of the greedy oil companies junky fuel sludge or whatever plugging up the thing. it always starts first or second pull with full choke and lots of priming. i engine was new two seasons ago because some doof left a newspaper in snow and enginestopped instantly. threw rod two weeks later!

  2. BandOnTheRun87 says:

    @MrPaulVanRavenswaay have you had any problems with the tecumseh engine? specifically fuel and carb problems.

  3. MrPaulVanRavenswaay says:

    @BandOnTheRun87 Because, with a Clarence Bibeau impeller kit (google it), and a few mods, it will be the BEST. !!!! Big, bad, heavy metal, a real workhorse, easy parts, good stuff ! I paid 400 for mine and put a bunch more in it and I’ll never sell it, it’s the best . We got the record snow for Grand Rapids, MI on Wednesday and I worked the snot out of it for my 20 stops, changed oil, broke diff lock, had it fixed and back up in one day. Today one man paid me $50 for one drive. super

  4. BandOnTheRun87 says:

    @MrPaulVanRavenswaay why do you say not to sell it?

  5. MrPaulVanRavenswaay says:

    if you’re ever planning to move snow again in your life – DON’T EVER SELL IT !
    put a clarence bibeau impeller kit on it and chains and dig in !! Nice shoes!

  6. BandOnTheRun87 says:

    @l337pwnage the problem i had was the throat was sticking…it wasn’t opening because somehow the needle and seat got screwed up. The float had to be replaced because there was a hole in it. Adjusting these tecumseh carb’s is a real pain in the butt. They are so sensitive. I don’t even know how many times the muffler backfired right in my ear. Had to be at least 5 times which certainly irritated me!

  7. l337pwnage says:

    the throttle also has a shut off position, but using the key is a good idea to make sure that it works. Mine ran whether the key was on or off when I first got it, lol.

  8. Needmorehorsepower says:

    @BandOnTheRun87 None what so ever great machine

  9. NRP1991 says:

    Ariens makes a heck of a good blower and tractor, new job, i see hundreds of them and even though theyre 2010-2011 models. they are like almost the only company that has a good COSUMER store product still

  10. BandOnTheRun87 says:

    @Needmorehorsepower any complaints with it?

  11. Needmorehorsepower says:

    i had the exact same blower and i loved it,only reason i let it go is i trade the parents my blower and a toro 13 38 rider for the old jd 317 with a 44 inch deck and a 44 inch blower attachment for the front other wise i would still own it

  12. BandOnTheRun87 says:

    @th19940305 yes

  13. th19940305 says:

    @BandOnTheRun87 So you have to plug it in to use the starter

  14. 1972FordF150 says:

    Nice snow blower ! runs good man ! thumbs up lol

  15. BandOnTheRun87 says:

    @th19940305 no it has electric start not key start

  16. th19940305 says:

    @BandOnTheRun87 Oh it has no battery?

  17. BandOnTheRun87 says:

    @th19940305 no electricity to the shed

  18. th19940305 says:

    why not use the electric start

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