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2010 Ariens Compact 22 Snowblower with Subaru Engine

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jan• 25•14

Ariens makes two versions of this snowblower, one with a Briggs and Stratton Engine and this one with a Robin Subaru Engine. The Subaru is an overhead cam engine with a 3 year warranty while the B&S has a two year warranty. Extensive Web research indicated that the Subaru is an industrial grade engine while the B&S is consumer grade. Ariens also uses this Subaru engine for their power brushes and tillers. In the video I start the engine for the first time. I’ll update once it snows! UPDATED: You can access the snow performance video here-
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. l337pwnage says:

    From what I can tell, the 24″ and up come with the B&S motors.
    The compact 22 has the Scooby engine if you get it from Home Depot, or the Chonda (Chinese Honda clone) if you get it from a dealer.

    My local home depot was out, so I got a Chonda with the headlight. So far-so good. My only problem was the attachment finger was incorrectly bent from the factory and the engine would drag the attachment.

    The headlight is nice, but It has no throttle control. :/

  2. Jeffreygpe says:

    I had some problems uploading but it is available now. Same title but Part 2.

  3. joeraptor1 says:

    Wow sounds like the machine got quite a workout today. Where is the video of its performance? I can’t find it.

  4. Jeffreygpe says:

    @joeraptor1 Just used it today in drifts as deep as 26″. Transmission worked fine although I can’t shift down while moving but this is not a problem for me. Shifting up is fine. Total area moved was about 3000 square feet with an average snow depth of 20″. Check out my video i posted of it’s performance in the snow.

  5. Jtran0313 says:

    Video would have been better if demo in the snow

  6. localvandal says:

    I have this exact same model and have already tackled over a foot of snow with ease. I havnt used the electric start option yet.

  7. Jeffreygpe says:

    @joeraptor1 I live in the NYC area and we are still waiting for our first snow. I did talk to a landscaper yesterday and he will not buy anything with a Briggs engine. He confirmed that the Subaru is a better engine. As soon as it snows I’ll make a new video showing performance

  8. joeraptor1 says:

    Have you had a chance to use the unit in snow? How is the transmission on the unit?

  9. joeraptor1 says:

    How is that Robin engine doing? Ariens is going to refund my money for the 24″ platinum deluxe I got last year with the backfiring Briggs engine. I need to get a new one and was thinking of the Robin one or the Toro 826.

  10. Jeffreygpe says:

    @joeraptor1 Thanks for the suggestion! I picked them up at HomeDepot for $29. Looking forward to the first snow!

  11. joeraptor1 says:

    One other suggestion for you. You can get rubber skid shoes from Ariens. It will help protect your beautiful driveway from scratches. I got them on my platinum deluxe and they work well.

  12. joeraptor1 says:

    Great snowblower and engine. I bought a 24″ Platinum deluxe with a 250 cc Briggs engine last year. The machine is good but the engine kept backfiring on shut down and then wouldn’t start. With the help of Ariens, Briggs relented and gave me a new engine last month. My dealer put on the new engine last week and guess what, it does the exact same thing. Backfires on shutdown and then won’t start. Right now, I’m considering trading the platinum in and getting the Robin Subaru one.

  13. zela9999 says:

    Your right the Subaru is a better engine. You might want to purchase a pair of Raferty designed Roller Skids for better manuverablity and to keep from scratching up your beautiful driveway. YouTube – RollerSkid.mpg

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