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Snowblower Tune-up (Tecumseh 5.5 hp) Part 1

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jul• 15•12

Visit us at Snowblower tune-up (Tecumseh 5.5 hp engine) Part 1: removing old fuel and replacing carburetor gasket, fuel bowl and spark plug.

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  1. tomfarr56 says:

    Hi Mike – thanks for the great videos. I found them last year.
    I have this same model, and when I pulled it out just now to change the oil for the new season I first filled the empty gas tank.
    Fuel began squirting out of a small hole in the center of the primer pump! Please tell me this can be normal…

    So after that I had fuel leaking from the bottom of the carburetor. That I can understand – it probably needs a new bowl gasket or even a bowl.


  2. billsfan1234 says:

    Thanks mike great video

  3. desertrat1111 says:

    Thanks Mike.. really good illustration. i have a Canadiana noma snow thrower with this engine that will not start,

  4. Vistal11 says:

    Hey mike i just rebuilt My carb . It a non adjustable carb. I replaced the O rings on the center jet under the bowl nut jet. I soaked the carb in cleaner for 48 hours and put a new gasket in the float needle i dunked the flaot to make sure there was no holes in it and still got a power surge it reves and back fires then surges up and down. Its a tecumeh 8 hp Hmsk80 .

  5. mikesequiprepair says:

    @MrWee1946 sounds like you lost some oil out of the breather hose located left side under the black box covering the carb. The reason your slipping is because the friction plate and drive disc underneath is coated with oil. Stand machine upright on chute nose. Remove bottom cover and clean extensively with brake cleaner or carb cleaner. Spray some cleaner on a clean towel / hold against rubber disc and rotate tires to spin disc. Wipe inside of chassis well. Correct oil level / test. Thanks

  6. MrWee1946 says:

    Hey mike, same machine. My wife was eating a bank and the machine was climbing straight up. After a bit I saw it had oil all over it. Transmission was not working after that. Tightened the cable to get it to the shed but still seamed to be slipping. There was a lot of adjustment on the cable so I’m thinking trans. fluid or gear oil. I have no book, how do I check level and is it gear oil or what? I am familiar with engines I’m guessing pour it in till it comes out the other hole?

  7. scrapcrapMandM says:

    i will give you 300$ for that snowblower

  8. fairweather123 says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this video, it helped me figure out the problem with my carburetor. It was all about lining up the fuel pan with the pin, thanks again!!

  9. Thelookoutslookout says:

    Is there a good alternative method of clearing out excess bad gasoline if I don’t have an air supply?

  10. gblakney says:

    Very nice video! easy to see and follow, I like knowing what tools you’re using, good to compare old with new, like explanations of why you did this rather than that, and I like that you explain each and every step. will definitely check out the website. I’m in Massachusetts…

  11. egreene27 says:

    Your a pro.

  12. mikesequiprepair says:

    Hi Mike….your engine should idle between 3300 – 3600 rpm’s. As long as you use a chain or belt driven centrifugal clutch you should be ok. I would not recommend adjusting the RPM lower than 3300.


  13. mikeunderdog114 says:

    hey i am building a mini bike with a snowblower Tecumseh 5hp motor and i was wondering if there is a way to get the motor to run at a low idle so when i hit the gas it will speed up like on a dirt bike? thanks

  14. mikesequiprepair says:

    Thanks for the feedback.
    I wanted to give basic cleaning instructions to homeowners as an opportunity to get their equipment running quiclkly.
    Alot of my customers machines are just no starts from stale or comtaminated fuel.
    If a customer can’t get his engine up and running by following the instructions in the video then the maching should come in for professional servicing.
    Getting into replacing emulsion tubes may be a bit to much for the homeowner.

  15. mikesequiprepair says:

    You will need to visit an outdoor repair shop to purchase the engine parts.

    If you can tell me the engine MFG/ model no. / HP I will send you the part no’s.

    this will save time when you visit the repair ship.


  16. Bellyflops2 says:

    Where do you get all the parts from? I do not see these at my local Sears.

  17. mikesequiprepair says:

    The clamp prevents the hose from falling off and the gas from leaking.

  18. BandOnTheRun87 says:

    why do you need  to put the fuel clamp back on?

  19. mikesequiprepair says:

    The oil cap was on during part 1 (this vid) so that is why the oil didn’t leak out. If you’re referring to the fuel bowl, a little fuel did leak out as I removed the bowl. Hope this helps. Thanks for your comment.

  20. GT03235 says:

    why did the oil not come out when you tipped it up?

  21. LyokoGirl4549 says:

    Nice Job. 5 STARZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. wavechaser2 says:

    Really good instructional video – thanks!

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