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Quick Carburetor Repair on Snowblower Part 2

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Nov• 24•13

This repair is on the Tecumseh snowblower engine. Visit my channel for more repair videos;

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  1. LewieTheGilly says:

    you must go throught alot of carb cleaner

  2. kossed says:

    great video thanks

  3. vgs8606 says:

    Good video! I noticed that gas came out only after you removed the float. I want to clean the jet only on mine. Can I do that without worrying about having to empty the tank before?

  4. frank289frank says:

    Hi I have a 8hp briggs go-cart that won’t start without starting fluid I’ve cleaned the carb and have new gas in it how do you know when it’s time to replace the carb

  5. soverato3 says:

    haha i had my lawn mower on his side like that to sharp the blades and all the oil seept out XD fatt airfilter an a carb full of oil and a fatt plug hahaha took me an hour to start it again and it was smoking like hell!!! ahahaha LOL
    nice vid btw

  6. donyboy73 says:

    @99carnot a bit harder with gloves, but cleaner

  7. donyboy73 says:

    @Liamautomechanic thank you

  8. Liamautomechanic says:

    good vid,

  9. 99carnot says:

    Good explanations and video. Helpful to be able to do this without disturbing the manifold gasket and linkages. I am impressed that you can do this with your gloves on!! Thanks.

  10. jjlwis says:

    excellent video! we need more people like you in the world!

  11. donyboy73 says:

    @TrackEmDownKennels one of them is probably for a different carb

  12. TrackEmDownKennels says:

    When i buy a carb rebuilt kit sometimes it come with 2 bowl gaskets 1 thin one
    and 1 thicker one why is that ?

  13. donyboy73 says:

    @carnivore10 yea you too, take care

  14. carnivore10 says:

    Great video series Don. Hope all is well.

  15. kimokanka says:

    Don….you make it all look so easy, I hope when it comes to it I can fix the carb on my Tecumseh 11hp. Again man, thanks for all the info !! Keep them coming.

  16. bretmustang1 says:

    @donyboy73 ok thanks

  17. donyboy73 says:

    @Smallgasengine1 it regulates how much fuel to let through the carb

  18. Smallgasengine1 says:

    what does the carburetor bowl jet do? the nut on the bottom of the carb with the set screw

  19. donyboy73 says:

    @bretmustang1 i get them from a distributor or on ebay

  20. donyboy73 says:

    @chox2001 yes

  21. bretmustang1 says:

    where do you get tecumseh engine parts?

  22. chox2001 says:

    great video donny do you use a brass wire brush for cleaning the carb.

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