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How to Replace Ariens 1128 Pro auger belt and bearing

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jan• 27•13

This video shows how to replace the main auger belt and auger bearing. They are normal wear items farther down the road. Hope this video helps, it was a major pain to edit, due to software issues. Bearing Part # Ariens 05406300 (1635-2RS) (924508 and others) Belt Part # Ariens 07238400 ( for model 924508 and others)

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  1. bombidude says:

    Nice Video..

  2. lawnboy1100 says:

    Alex another very good informative video.I have a slight squeal on my yardking 8/27 when i depress the auger but it is not all the time. I think it might be the belt just grabbing. I can not move the auger pulley at all. Would i be right in this or should i make this a summer project and just replace it?

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