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HOW TO REBUILD Carburetor on 4-5HP Tecumseh Snowblower Engine Part 1/3

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Feb• 13•13

HOW TO REPAIR Carburetor on 4-5HP Tecumseh Engine on Toro Snowblower. Visit my channel for more repair videos;
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  1. shaymaster1 says:

    Will do

  2. donyboy73 says:

    @shaymaster1 tell ur friends about my videos,

  3. shaymaster1 says:

    Thanks Dony for this series of carb rebuild vids they reallyed helped me i rebuilt my carb today and now my snowblower works. your a great mechanic. Thanks again

  4. donyboy73 says:

    @seasonedtoker good idea and the pics won’t cause any damage,

  5. seasonedtoker says:

    don guitar picks are very useful for removing fuel lines, plastic parts, trims etc. it is also highly practical when rebuilding a carb for removing metering membranes when the lower gasket simply sticks and won’t come off. and you can easily shape it to suit your current application

  6. dukesroc01 says:

    I took the fuel lines off on a really old 5 hp snowblower and got sprayed in the face with gas

  7. 1972FordF150 says:

    Cool video man !

  8. 1972FordF150 says:

    @soverato3 Because it is designed to run in the winter with snow. And there is no dirt kicked up in the air when it is snowing;

  9. donyboy73 says:

    @daand12 yes the old camera uses tapes, i guess i should make a vid of it because many people are asking me about it

  10. daand12 says:

    so if i understand don. It does have an Tape in your old cam right??

  11. donyboy73 says:

    @Dicofole yes sometimes replace the spring or adjust the governor

  12. Dicofole says:

    I was wondering if the spring on the linkage ever needs to be changed? I have the exact same engine on a Ariens and it seems like the governor isn’t doing its job. I guess the spring on it isn’t working fine.

  13. soverato3 says:

    why does these engines have no airfilter???

  14. 383chevystroker says:

    great video man, great info! you really know your stuff!

  15. 383chevystroker says:

    great video man, great info! you really know your stuff!

  16. moddkilla says:

    i have the same motor!

  17. donyboy73 says:

    @wheely132 tough old camera though, i have dropped it on the floor and it still works, also made about 350 youtube videos with it

  18. wheely132 says:

    @donyboy73 Oh okay. Yeah I was thinking it would be a VHS camcorder because of the slight sound you can hear in the background and by the resolution.

  19. donyboy73 says:

    @wheely132 old camera is an old JVC VHS , some videos will still be regular resolution like this vid until everything is transferred over and i upgrade my pc

  20. donyboy73 says:

    @TheHossHobart part 2 tommorrow mate

  21. wheely132 says:

    Your old camera worked quite well but now they are gonna be in hd! That is awesome! Oh and what kind of camera is your old one?

  22. TheHossHobart says:

    @donyboy73…I hope you come out with part 2 soon mate.

  23. 30GB says:

    had the same blower, the low jet got clogged so i replaced it with a newer one and transferred the linkages over

  24. GarrettJDB says:

    I like how simple these are to rebuild

  25. donyboy73 says:

    @ncrdisabled no that is the toro, actually these videos were made before i got my HD camera so some vids are still lower resolution

  26. jamie says:

    hey donyboy I’ve got a 1969 Ariens 20″ 4 hp Tecumseh it will run fine with a little gas in the cylinder so I know it’s not terminal. I get the re-build is fairly easy,i’m no mechanic but I feel comfortable with this. my problem is that on this engine I don’t see a primer.i’m pretty sure it was one of your videos that says a couple of slow 3/4 pulls primes the carb also there’s a ton of detailed instructions on the cover over the carb for cranking that have been cooked to the point that you can’t read them.Also there’s a button w/spring right next to the 2 phillips screws that hold the cover on.I could send a picture. Also whats the most Tecumseh friendly on line parts house thanks jamie

  27. jamie says:

    Sorry that’s snow blower failed to mention that

  28. jamie says:

    hey do you know where to maybe gat the original decal w/cranking details? I think that’s it thanks jamie

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