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why would my 2 stroke snowblower suddenly start backfiring?

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jun• 28•12

Question by why would my 2 stroke snowblower suddenly start backfiring?
starts and runs fine for about2-3 minutes, then repeatedly backfires and dies?
it currently has no filter, i cleaned the jet chemically and with comp.air, float seems to be working fine. it’s a 2 stroke so it has no valves and the timing is magneto/fixed. driving me nuts! i’ve flown R/C for YEARS and never came across a back firing 2 putter

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Answer by Annorax
Air filter clogged?

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  1. tom the plumber says:

    valve or its timing

  2. Alekat says:

    Starved for fuel and or air. Fuel/air is coming in slower than it is being used.

    Carb float resstricted/dirty. Shut-off valve restricted
    Air filter dirty.

  3. Danny says:

    Back firing is usually caused from a lean condition. Small gas engines like yours usually has a very fine wire mesh filter / screen on the carburetor itself pressed in over the main fuel intake of the carburetor to filter debris a final filter if you will. This is not to be confused with an inline filter which it may also have. I have seen these clogged / restricted with fine particles grass, hair type fibers ect this will cause a multitude of problems including backfiring, hard start low power shortened run time any or all of these.

  4. rozmenko says:

    a bf 109,,ein englander nacht der sonne,,,,,zwansikheitausend meter,if you fly the bf 109,you
    are lucky

    maybe cap on spark plug,,,,the wire clip inside the cap may come loose during firing,with heat,the clip expands,ans gets loose
    this happened to a 68 vw bug,,climbing hills in lanuga beach ca,steep hills

    hope you are not using coarse pitch

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