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why wont my snowblower stay running?

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Nov• 07•14

Question by EpicRacer: why wont my snowblower stay running?
i have a very old Troy Built snowblower thats giving me problems. it wont stay running on its own. i opened the fuel line, put new gas and oil in messed around with the fuel mixture settings after my first attempt at starting it didnt last long. i have to use the electric starter cuz i broke the string a while back. it has 4 choke settings and i have to use the 2nd setting (the 1st being full choke) to keep it running. but it doesnt stay running, it sounds like it dies then comes back. when i get it stable, i whent and plowed some snow but when it got a little tough, it stalled on me.

any idea what could be going on? i desperately need to fix this. i have multiple 75ft driveways to take care of and i cant afford a new blower.

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Answer by oldster
Rebuild the carburetor.
Or at least try some carb cleaner first.
If you have a fuel shut off, use it when your done blowing the snow.
Don’t let gasoline sit in carb during the summer.
Gums up the works!

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  1. knownothing says:

    Try a new carb., or try to have the one you have now rebuilt. It sounds like a carb problem to me. Good luck.

  2. expatmt says:

    Could be old fuel, moisture in fuel, wrong fuel to oil mixture if a 2 cycle engine or very possibly needs a condenser and points, (a general tune up.) If you can’t do this yourself, take it to a reputable shop.
    You said it was very old. It could possibly be a worn-out engine, too. Does it smoke a lot? Does it have a knock?

  3. linux_slackware11 says:

    Check the fuel lines, choke system, and primor for leaks (if there even is a primer. could be bad gas or bad sprk plug possibly also. / carbruator not ajusted right might cause problems also. buy a floor for your home from me, and i’ll fix the snow blower for free!

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