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Why my Craftsman snow blower crank but does not start?

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Nov• 03•13

Question by Pankaj P: Why my Craftsman snow blower crank but does not start?
I have used only 4 times. when I try to start it will crank but does not start.

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Answer by Boe
Bad gas if its been in there a while. But probably the spark plug is fouled out. You’ll need to check the plug.

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  1. helpful says:

    Try a little Starter Fluid in the air intake. I find this save a lot of messing around for nothing with a machine that has been sitting awhile.

  2. Cygnus X 1 says:

    Ok check and make sure your gas lines are not clogged.Spray a little starter fluid in the carb.If it starts and shuts off the carb probably needs a rebuild.( probably a jet is clogged ) If it doesn’t start take the plug out.Put the threads on the head and turn it over if you don’t see a spark you either have a bad plug or something is wrong with the ignition.If you have balls put a screwdriver in the plug cap and hold it REAL close the the head ( almost touching it ) If the ignition system is good you should see a spark or get a real nice shock to your hand.

  3. Tim V says:

    Could be bad fuel if its been in there for a while and when you put it up for summer you should drain the fuel from the tank, start it up and let it run until it dies, this gets all of the fuel out of the system and it wont gumm up and turn to laquer

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