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Why does my snowblower run and then quit?

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Aug• 17•11

Question by Craig S: Why does my snowblower run and then quit?
My snowblower runs fine for about 30 minutes. It then starts running erratic and then stalls. I’ve changed the oil, filled it with fresh gas and changed the spark plug. The only thing that I can think of is that there is something to do with the carburator. It seems like it is lacking fuel flow. I don’t see a filter anywhere. Any ideas?

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Answer by just wonderingg
Most snowblowers do act up if they’re old and used. You might want to bring it to a repair shop, or just ask for it for Christmas. If you don’t get it i would suggest buying a brand new one so it doesnt happen again. :]

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  1. Jim W says:

    In this case, it probably a blocked vent in the gas cap. After you start it, loosen the cap 1/2 turn and see if that solves the problem. If it does, then clean the air vent in the gas cap. This is a very common problem with gas engines that do not get used very much. If that does not solve the problem, then check the gas filter which may be in the fuel tank. I doubt it is a carb problem, since it runs for so long.

  2. rfsleo8.1866 says:

    check your gas tank , the gas cap can cause it to run and stall out , check for gas going to the carborator , some gas tanks have a screen inside the tank , you will have to drain out the tank , and check it out , it might be cloged up with dirt , if so carborator cleaner and a new hose will help it , if you own a carborator that sits on top of the tank , you will have to check the pipes lines for dirt , thay to have screens in them as well .

  3. James H says:

    Do you drain your fuel tank after the season is over? Gasoline will breakdown and some of the waxy and resin components will get into the carburetor and clog it. Drain your gas tank, and put in some Gum Out Gas additive with some new gasoline. Also, take your air filter out and spray a carburetor cleaner into the carburetor to clear out the gum. Put the machine back together and and crank it up. When you get it started, let it run for a few minutes. From then on, drain the fuel out at the end of the season, or put a gas stabilizer into the gas if you want to keep the gas. I drain the gas out, it is cheaper. You may want to change the fuel filter too since it may be clogged also.

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