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what gauge of wire for an extension cord (75-100′) should I use for an electric 12 amp snow thrower?

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Aug• 10•11

Question by dave t: what gauge of wire for an extension cord (75-100′) should I use for an electric 12 amp snow thrower?

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Answer by Charles C
14 ga. or larger if you can find one. Most are only 16 ga. and will work but at that current draw you really do want the larger.

Kelly, I think your husband misunderstood the question. This is for an extension cord. I doubt very much that you can find a 12 ga. extension cord that does not have a ground wire. The only 2 wire extesion cords I ever see anymore are really cheap and intended for things like a lamp.
Laugh if you want, I contend I am correct because of the context of the question. 12 ga. is required by electrical code for wiring. Note that I said or larger as at someplace like Wal-Mart or Target finding a 12 ga extension cord is unlikely. 14 ga. is usually the heaviest they will have. An extension cord will be 12/3. Our difference here is terminology. 12/2 with a ground will normally get solid wire, like Romex. An extension cord needs to be flexible and will ( if you buy it rather than make one ) be SO type cord and marked 12/3. So our answers are only different because we work in different environments and therefore think in slightly different terms.

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  1. Kelly M says:

    my husband is an Electrician he says 12-2 and he looked it up to be sure
    Charles he said its called a 12-2 with a ground you have a hot and a neutral and a ground Im sorry hes laughing right now….He did say its kinda funny that your the only one with a different answer!

  2. farmerbrown726 says:

    12 Gage

  3. Glen says:

    At minimum, you need to use 12 gauge solid copper wire w/ground (12/2 w/ground) and a 3-prong grounded plug with a GF recepticle.

    This is current code in most communities for new construction.

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