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I replaced the auger belt in my snowblower and the engine works fine, but the auger still won’t turn!?

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jan• 27•16

Question by Micky J.: I replaced the auger belt in my snowblower and the engine works fine, but the auger still won’t turn!?
The snowblower can move. But the auger still doesn’t turn or blow snow even after i replaced a severed belt! what could be wrong? and how can i fix this?
The snowblower itself moves. I replaced the shear pins, in addition to replacing the severed belts for the auger. Yet it still doesn’t work! what could be wrong, and how would i fix this?

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Answer by Nightrider
The most obvious thought is to check the shear pin that the auger sits on. Even though the pin will probably be in place, it could be broken in the middle. They are there as a safety device to prevent major damage to the motor. I hope this helps.

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  1. Lynn says:

    It’s just a hunch but I’d check to see that you have the belt on right, they can be tricky some times. Perhaps not enough tension on it. Good luck.

  2. missourian says:

    if you have a two stage thrower, it may be that the shear pin didn’t break until it broke the gear in the gearbox, the thrower would still move but the auger wouldn’t , if the imput shaft to the gearbox is turning but the auger not moving good sign gearbox stripped (auger must be in run position to see)

  3. Wingnut says:

    Ah, white text on white backdrop. That’s always pleasant to type-with. Got CSS?

    Anyhoo, just maybe… there is ANOTHER shearable bolt on the back of the shaft that FEEDS the auger gearbox. (the auger gearbox input shaft, as Missourian calls it). It would be far inside the “tunnel”… probably behind the 2nd stage impeller. As Missourian said… seeing if the input shaft just behind the auger gearbox… is turning when the auger is engaged… is everything. If its turning, then there’s trouble in the gearbox or with the shearable bolts on the auger shaft itself. If the impeller and input shaft coming from inside the tunnel are not turning, then you have trouble with a potential shearbolt behind the impeller, or a belt pulley has come loose from the impeller (input) shaft (belt won’t be moving), or auger belt is slipping. I’m not sure if there IS a shearable bolt behind the impeller, though. Its worth a shot. If there IS one, and its sheared, you might be able to spin the auger by hand with the machine TURNED OFF. The impeller and input shaft will also turn. Good luck. Please post if/when you find the solution.

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