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snowblower shoe upgrade: Installing ARMORskids.avi

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Jan• 18•15

Snowblowers do not handle bumps and cracked sidewalks well. In this video we upgrade the stock skid shoes to ARMORskids, a heavy-duty shoe specifically designed for the worst of pavements.
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  1. goBUHuskies says:

    Nice product! Are there any benefits sif you have a nice smooth driveway without cracks? Looks like a nice set of skids no matter what, at reasonable prices too. I like what I see. These skid should be standard equipment from the factory except the factory would charge double for them.

  2. ChilesGreen says:

    These Armor skids are definately an improvement over the anemic stock skids,
    but how do they handle on an unpaved gravel driveway? I’d like a set of those with wider bottoms facing inboard to prevent the auger from sucking up rocks.

  3. suchfunstuff says:

    I’ve gotta get a set of these for my machine. I have to keep the height of the housing high becasue we have a very rough stone driveway. Factory skids just dig. I was going to just order some larger aftermarket plastic skids until I saw this vid. Glad I didn’t.

  4. zela9999 says:

    Looks like my cracked sidewalk. I also have an uneven driveway. I ordered a pair these skids for my new Ariens Compact 22. My sidewalk destroyed the Auger and housing on my old single stage Honda. I bought a pair of Roller Skids, to deal with the problem, but they have less clearance and a provide a narrower angle of attack than the stock skids.

  5. John Wilson says:

    Armor skids. Looks like a great product. Looking for the larger skids that were suppose to be available in November.
    The site seems to always loop you back to the opening screen. In advance, thanks for the help.

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