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Snowblower Maintenance Tips : Draining Snowblower Gasoline

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Dec• 25•12

The easiest way to drain gasoline from a snowblower is to let it run continually until it runs out. Drain gasoline from a snowblower with expert tips in this free video on snowblower maintenance. Expert: Jon Olson Bio: Jon Olson currently teaches multiple industrial technology classes at the high school level. In addition, he has worked in residential construction for several years. Filmmaker: Jon Olson
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  1. Olddog231 says:

    If the line is that easy to get to put a shutoff valve in it and close it. when engine stops line from valve to engine is clear and the gas in tank can stay there if you use a stabill product to keep gas fresh which you should do anyway so in case you forget to drain it will start easier next winter

  2. pmoua8 says:

    What do you do if you accidentally poured in diesel gas into your snowblower after you drained the gas out already? Can you just put the oil that my snowblower requires after that?

  3. CzapigaKielbasa says:

    You are incorrect about easiest way of draining the gas. The easiest way to get the gas out of the tank is to siphon it out through the top hole. My dad and I used to drain our thrower through the full line connection for 38 years which takes sometimes up to 10-15 minutes. This past year my neighbor showed us the siphon hose trick which takes maybe 5 seconds. (No kidding) I will never drain the tank by the fuel line connection again. (15 minutes X 38 years = 9.5 hours.)

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