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PART 1 HOW TO replace friction Wheel Disc on MTD Snowblower

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Mar• 27•13

HOW TO replace friction Wheel Disc on MTD Snowblower PART1 Get your machine ready for this winter
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  1. donyboy73 says:

    @b1pgke22 thank you sir

  2. b1pgke22 says:

    thanks so much, and i mean it . you,s guys a the best thanks donny, you have the best videos on the planet. i learned so much from you donny. god bless you brother.thanks a million. your my hero yours truly ron at

  3. donyboy73 says:

    @megachallenged not on this snowblower

  4. megachallenged says:

    very helpful but didn’t fix drive. Replaced drive belt and friction disk and checked adjustment on drive cable. Friction wheel barely reaches the drive plate. I see a set screw on the drive plate. Is moving the drive plate closer to the friction wheel as easy as loosening the setscrew and moving up and the readjusting the drive cable?

  5. cegglestn says:

    here is my email

  6. donyboy73 says:

    @cegglestn send me a picture of it , pm me ur email

  7. cegglestn says:

    I cant find the rubber ring for my craftsman snowblower 247.888530 i can only find the whole assembly by anychance do you know the part # for just the rubber ring?

  8. donyboy73 says:

    @jpmcnam58 i would have to see it

  9. jpmcnam58 says:

    Don, Great videos!. I thought that I could use this video to replace my friction wheel but my snowblower is a MTD 8hp with tracks instead of wheels. My snowblower’s shaft has a sproket with a chain on it and the bearings on each end are held into the casing with ‘c’ clips…..even when the c clips are removed the shaft will not come out. Any thoughts? Thanks for all the great videos! Jim

  10. Chimpwhich says:

    I had the front cover off to see if it was the belt but everything seemed in order. When I press down on the drive lever the circular metal mechanism seems to ‘connect’ adequately with the friction wheel (not sure of the terminology..flywheel?). I will attempt to tighten up the cable but it seems okay. I plan on doing an inspection regardless just to see what kind of shape it is in and to get more familiar with the parts you described in your video….much appreciated

  11. donyboy73 says:

    @Chimpwhich also check you cable adjustment, sometimes tightening the adjustment will correct ur problem. i am currently editing a video that shows how a friction disc works so come back and subscribe

  12. Chimpwhich says:

    Excellent video. I’ve got an issue with the wheels not turning when in contact with the ground but spin at the correct speed when wheels are lifted off of the ground. I suspect it has something to do with the friction wheel. Just a quick suggestion: If you could begin your video with an explanation of what the friction wheel actually does that would bump up your video from an A to A+

  13. donyboy73 says:

    @Trapper100 just filmed the shift lever repair today, i just have to edit it and it should be up next week

  14. Trapper100 says:

    A very good video.I have changed the friction disk about four times because the bearing locked up on me.If you are a Canadian MTD will replace that part under warranty when you out of warranty.

  15. whitegreg56 says:

    My old Ariens is quite a bit simpler. There are 3 bolts that attach the Friction Disc to a hub. Once these 3 bolts are removed, the Disc is free to be removed over the end of the shaft. The Disc is replaced entirely…..not just the rubber part. If the snowblower is placed in reverse, there is plenty of room to get a socket on the heads of the 3 bolts.

  16. Satineice says:

    Very helpful and well done videos, Don! I figured out the problem. I need to replace the auger belt. Thanks to your videos, I now can complete this task myself!

  17. Satineice says:

    Great video donyboy! I am trying to diagnose the problem w/ my MTD 12hp snowblower. It moves forward and backward, but the auger and blowing mechanism are not engaging. They are not jammed, as they move when turned by hand. Question: What is the function of the friction wheel?

  18. PGXI says:

    thanks ,donyboy73 good video

  19. Jdcap26 says:

    I do to , But !very useful for guys that don’t know how to this stuff good reference video. Cheers JD

  20. SmallEngineMechanic says:

    I have got to do this to my old Ariens snowblower, there is a chunk about 2″ long missing from the drive

  21. donyboy73 says:

    thanks, i will keep the lighting in mind for my next videos, thanks for the tip

  22. Afsidd says:

    Very nice and very informative video , Nice and very calm voice very clear words ,unlike other people videos .
    you need more light to see viewers a clear view !!
    Over all well done !!
    Thanks Again

  23. DarkEvilOne says:

    thank i will repare mine
    i have the 10.5 hp 30 in and it will be very useful
    thank again

  24. walkingfreak says:

    Could be useful but i already know this stuff from working in the shop at my school

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