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HOW TO Store your snowblower for the Summer

Written By: Snow Blowing Man - Feb• 14•13

Easy to follow instructions for putting away your snowblower for the summer. Visit my channel for more repair videos;
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  1. donyboy73 says:

    @CzapigaKielbasa thanks man

  2. CzapigaKielbasa says:

    Another GREAT video from Dony. Thanks Dony.

  3. sidecarsally says:

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  4. dukesroc01 says:

    i would just drain the gas and use it in my lawnmower gas is too expensive to waste

  5. whitegreg56 says:

    Did you forget to mention that all of the salt should be washed off with fresh water from a garden hose? It helps prevent rust.

  6. YouraN1993R says:

    excellent video as usual.
    Just a quick question though…Aren’t you loosing business by telling people how to repair and store their mowers and blowers and small engines? I’m all for helping people out but if it comes to a guys living I would get a little nervous.

  7. stlouissux9119 says:

    Great video as always

  8. donyboy73 says:

    @jarrod4020 i use high test or the highest octane gas, there is lees ethanol or none at all in it and has a longer shelf life

  9. djturnz says:

    After draining the fuel and fogging the cyclinder, would it be ok to store the snowblower in the service position (standing on the front end)? It seems like it would take up less space in my garage that way.

  10. jarrod4020 says:

    Hey man nice tip.No snow blowers here though.Having a big problem with gasoline.The alcohol content in the gasoline much more than the 10% that they say.I know u probably use fuel line TYGON that has served me just fine in the past.I replaced the fuel lines on a Bolens BL100 trimmer and in 24hrs. the line that goes up through the tank had hardened,and begun to leak.Have u heard anything about the alcohol in gasoline and is there a more better fuel line than Tygon now a days.Thanks man

  11. GarrettJDB says:

    I have to store my Blower tomorrow. Thanks for the tip of the TDC i never thought of that one before.

  12. briggsandstratton121 says:

    you can coose what engine you have on the arins

  13. moldymac says:

    Another handy thing on older tecumseh engines is there is a spring loaded drain on the bowl of the carb. The hondas and chinese engines have a drain bolt as well.

  14. Nickster7ROR says:

    Yeah, I also close the fuel shutoff valve and run the motor dry (mowers and blowers.) my grandpa’s riding mower was stored all winter and I’m gonna post a video soon of the cold start. It was the first pull of the year and it starts right up!!

  15. spinataler says:

    @donyboy73 same its touph make some vids! and also turorials

  16. hamtalker2007 says:

    lol my brother inlaw was born in 73

  17. donyboy73 says:

    @tractorloverforlife9 i’m 37

  18. tractorloverforlife9 says:

    Just curious are you about 37-38 years old? I’m curious because you donyboy73 and that was 38 years ago

  19. karnsaini says:

    If you want you can check out squirrelod he has some good tips for tuning

  20. donyboy73 says:

    @karnsaini just got into rc Planes, still learning,

  21. karnsaini says:

    @donyboy73 do you run rc cars? I saw some nitro

  22. donyboy73 says:

    @xxtruckin93xx that should be ok for that engine, some have an automatic decompressor so the reading won’t be much higher

  23. donyboy73 says:

    @soverato3 yes nitro fuel, just got into rc airplanes, got a couple old planes, i’ll make a video to show them one day

  24. TDHReviews says:

    Great video, i also prefer running the engine dry then theres not really much to buy and theres nothing that can go wrong

  25. spelunkerd says:

    This sounds like similar advice for winter storage of a motorcycle. I’ve heard both schools of thought regarding the question about leaving the gas tank full, with Stabil, vs empty and run dry. My bike has a steel gas tank and I worry about rust inside, so I’ve usually stored it full. Strangely, both methods seem to work.

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